Death Valley Natural History Association Provides $120,000 in Direct Funding to Death Valley National Park

DVNHA Director David Blacker, Superintendent Mike Reynolds, and Acting Chief of Interpretation and Education Sarah Carter met up last Friday to sign papers providing over $120,000 in direct funding to Death Valley National Park. Our director also handed over a check for the Jail Canyon Marijuana Grow Clean-Up, which provides over $15,000 in direct aid. The funding provides the financial support needed for six different projects; the Jail Canyon Marijuana Clean-Up, Devils Hole Archiving of Digital & Paper Files, Dark Sky Festival Support, School Transportation Grants and both an Oral History Intern and a Curatorial Intern for the park. We could not accomplish these goals without the support of our donors and members. Thank you to everyone who has supported our funds. Donations like yours make projects like this possible.

(From Death Valley National History Association)

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