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Dan Berry for Inyo County 5th District Supervisor

Amy Smith hosts the show “Just a Minute with Amy Smith” on Eastern Sierra Now, providing insights into local matters that are important to the community. Dan Berry, a fifth-generation Lone Pine resident and candidate for Inyo County Fifth District supervisor, joins her this week. He brings decades of experience in public agencies, focusing on risk management and finance.

You can find the episode here:–2azbsxs

This show aims to offer a fair platform for all candidates, with each facing the same set of questions.

dan berry inyo county

In this episode, Dan talks about the pressing issue of housing affordability and availability in the community, crucial for attracting and retaining professionals like nurses and teachers (something the Eastern Sierra is always in need of). He emphasizes the importance of Main Street’s health as an indicator of community well-being and suggests initiatives for sustained growth.

Engaging the community in decision-making is crucial for Dan, whose goal is to be approachable and use technology for outreach. He wants to address underrepresentation, particularly among residents of Independence and the southeast county, as well as focusing on enriching opportunities for children outside of school.

Dan values the rural lifestyle and stunning scenery of Inyo County. He shares his love for local events like Concert in the Rocks and the Fourth of July celebration in Independence, which contribute to the unique fabric of the community.

In terms of leadership style, Dan emphasizes servant leadership, drawing from his experience in college and high school football coaching. He stresses collaboration and building strong relationships as essential for effective governance.

In his closing statement, Dan highlights his deep roots in the community, family values, and commitment to serving the constituents of the Fifth District. He pledges to prioritize the district’s interests in his decision-making.

Here at Eastern Sierra Now we encourage our readers and viewers to engage with local politics, subscribe to our channel, download our ESN app for updates, and participate in upcoming elections.  Vote March 5th.  Every vote counts.

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