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Coach Ashley McLaughlin Gives Healthy Recipes Tips for Thanksgiving!

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HAPPY NOVEMBER or better yet what I like to call – National Gratitude Month! November is the most wonderful time of year to reflect on the many blessings in your life.

I know the gratitude practices can all sound cliche, but there are actually proven statistics showing that practicing gratitude not only benefits you mentally, but physically, too!

A study conducted by Robert Emmons, an author of the Greater Good Magazine, shows that people who practice gratitude on a daily basis have stronger immune systems, lower blood pressure, get longer and better sleep, and are even more apt to exercise and eat a balanced diet.

I’m more grateful for my good health right now than ever before. I’m grateful

I get to move my body in a way that it loves. I’m grateful I get to nourish my body with nutritious food. And I’m so grateful I get to help so many other women do the same for themselves.

What are you grateful for?

Today I’m grateful for YOU showing up and getting these 15 healthy Thanksgiving side dishes! You’re going to find all of your signature Thanksgiving sides – mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, mac and cheese, fresh bread, green bean casserole, and SO many others!

I hope you have the most wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and

friends and enjoy these delicious, healthy dishes with those you love!

In Gratitude & Faith,

Coach McLaughlin



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Ashley Mclaughlin

Ashley is certified Elite Trainer from ISSA helping busy women get healthy and fit online and in person.
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