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Sign Letter to the California Arts Council (CAC)

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Stop the destabilization of CAC programs!

A CAC committee has proposed changes to grant programs that threaten critical arts infrastructure and could divide the field at a time when we need to unite to increase funding. You can read and sign the letter here, urging the Council to reject the proposed changes or visit our #FundCAarts webpage for more information.

We applaud the Council’s efforts to bring support to organizations and individuals who have historically not accessed state funding including small budget organizations, rural communities, BIPOC serving and led organizations and communities that demonstrate the highest levels of need as indicated by the California Healthy Places Index (HPI), but we do not think that means CAC needs to eliminate programs for organizations of larger budget sizes or service organizations entirely.

We are against limiting grant eligibility to organizations with budgets under $3 million, limiting State-Local Partner funding to those organizations with budgets under $1.5 million and are against ending the State and Regional Networks program.

We believe these proposed changes have been made without adequate input from the field, have the potential to destabilize critical programs and arts infrastructure in the state and may pit members of the field against each other at a time when we need to unite to advocate for greater overall funding.

Read & Sign the Letter

What’s in the Budget for Art & Culture?

california arts advocates

Don’t miss out on our State Legislation & Funding 2023: What’s in it for Arts & Culture? webinar next November 14th at 12pm – 1:30pm, and join in conversation with CFTA and CAA’s CEO Julie Baker with CAA Lobbyist Jason Schmelzer and California State Senator Anthony Portantino. This webinar will review what happened during the 2023 Legislative session and how it impacts Arts, Culture, and the creative industries; and a preview of what to expect in 2024.⁠

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

12 pm – 1:30 PM

Free with registration|Zoom & Online Q&A Session


CalPayArt is Live!

california arts advocates

CALPAYART Nonprofit Paymaster informational webinars continue – register for FREE!

Californians for the Arts is partnering with statewide nonprofit performing arts organizations to present informational webinars covering the California Performing Arts Paymaster (CalPayArt) program. The program aims to provide paymaster services for small theaters, symphonies, ballets, operas, chorales, dance companies, music organizations, and BIPOC performing arts organizations throughout the state of California. As small performing arts organizations are struggling to manage expanded payrolls in the wake of AB5, working with a paymaster can offer considerable administrative relief, including:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Payroll administration
  • Payroll tax administration (including the issuing of all W2s)
  • Workers comp and unemployment insurance administration and CLAIMS ADMINISTRATION.
  • Union agreement administration
  • Employee-funded pension plan administration

If you are interested in learning more, register for one of our free upcoming webinars! 

  • Tuesday, November 14th, 10 AM – 11 AM | Register
    Co-presented with CalNonprofits 
  • Wednesday, November 15th, 2 PM – 3 PM | Register
    Co-presented with the Association of California Symphony Association (ACSO) 
  • Wednesday, November 29th, 12 pm – 1 pm | Register
    Co-presented with Theatre Bay Area

All webinars are FREE and recordings will be made available on our website after the event. This activity is supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.

Learn More

Field Updates

Jonathan Moscone Resigns as California Arts Council Director

california arts advocates
Photo: Cameron Robert/The Chronicle 2015

Jonathan Moscone has announced on November 5th that he is stepping down from his role as the leader of the California Arts Council, a position he held for less than two years. Moscone, appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom in April 2022, expressed his desire to return to his creative roots, focusing on making theater, writing plays, and supporting local arts organizations. 

His resignation is not motivated by another role, but by a call to creativity. During his tenure, he worked on initiatives like the California Creative Corps program, which supports artists addressing climate change, social justice, public health, and civic engagement through funds via local organizations.

Moscone expressed gratitude for his staff and the relationships built within the arts community. His last day at the California Arts Council will be December 15. We know that the Governor’s office is working diligently to fill the vacancy as soon as possible, and that they are working closely with Jon on the transition.

“I’m not leaving the arts field,” he added, “I’m going back to the field. I’m a field worker at heart, and I want to go back to it.”

Continue Reading

Create CA Announces Jessica Mele as the temporary Interim Executive Director of the organization

Create CA is pleased to announce the Board of Directors has appointed Jessica Mele as Create CA’s temporary Interim Executive Director. Jessica has extensive experience in the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors. She is currently a philanthropic consultant specializing in the power of creativity and storytelling within foundation strategy.

Read the Full Post Here

Tools You Need to Support the Arts & Music in Schools Act

californians for the arts

Create CA has graciously compiled a resources page for Prop 28 with tools to support The Arts & Music In Schools Act. Use these calls to action, social media graphics, presentation decks, and more to ensure Prop 28 funding is allocated with equity in your school and community.

Prop 28 Resources Page

Study Reveals Economic and Social Impact of $292 million to Nonprofit Arts and Culture Sector in San José

SVCREATES and the City of San José’s Office of Economic Development and Cultural Affairs (OEDCA) have revealed the results of the Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 (AEP6) study, announcing that the nonprofit arts and culture sector in Santa Clara County contributed $384.5 million to the local economy in 2022, with a substantial portion of $292 million benefiting the City of San José.

The economic and social impact study was conducted by Americans for the Arts in partnership with the OEDCA and SVCREATES, who presented these findings during the Arts and Economic Prosperity Leadership Luncheon, that took place on November 3.

“San José is one of the most diverse large cities in the country and our arts and cultural sector is a big part of what makes this city so unique.” said City Manager Jennifer Maguire. “The report shows that our residents understand and value the arts and culture of this city and that visitors do too.”

Read More About the Study

In the News! Additional Media Coverage Regarding Arts and Economic Prosperity 6:

Got Field News? We want to know! Email: [email protected] with any updates you think the field needs to know and share.


“Artists are essential workers for a healthy society,” said Julie Baker, CEO of Californians for the Arts and California Arts Advocates. “The arts bring meaning, empathy, and social connections to a society that is becoming increasingly isolated, polarized, and automated. Now is the time to invest in the creative industries for the future of work and for the future of humanity.”

Join CFTA and their partners on a mission to ensure a more equitable and sustainable future for California’s performing arts. Let’s work together to keep the arts thriving in our communities and beyond.

californians for the arts

californians for the arts

CFTA Annual Funders

californians for the arts

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