Broncos Fall to Tehachapi Warriors in the CIF 1st round

Broncos run onto field
Photo Cred: Cai Hargrove

Our beloved Broncos experienced a devastating loss Friday night, November 5th. The first round of the CIF Playoffs against the Tehachapi Warriors.



Before the game began we had a moment of silence for the young girls who passed away last week.

It started slow and stressful with no scoring in the first quarter.

The Warriors scored the first touchdown in the second quarter. Finally, the Broncos scored their first touchdown in the third quarter with a score of 7-7. With the suspense rising and everyone on the edge of their seats, the fourth quarter gets a little rocky.

Photo Cred: Cai Hargrove

The score goes back and forth for a moment until Tehachapi scores a few more times throughout the quarter with the score finally ending at 28-14. The Broncos were devastated with their final game of the season and were unable to provide a comment on the game.

Tehachapis head coach Kris Krempien had this to say about the game; “It was a tough game. Up until the final stretch there when we were able to pull away with a turnover scoring off of that and then get another turnover to put the game away. Both teams battled, I’ve gone against these guys before [and I’m] very proud of the way both teams played, and luckily for us it swung in our favor for us at the end.

Bronco Running the ball
Photo Cred: Cai Hargrove

Due to the loss of the CIF Championships, there won’t be any more games this year but we’re all crossing our fingers for a big comeback next year.

I will have complete season stats and detail on the end of the season awards presentation later this week.  Thank you all for your coverage.” – Head Coach, Arnie Palu
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