Bishop Admin, Declares Public Emergency over Extreme Fire Danger: No Fires Allowed in City Limits

Ron PhillipsBishop City Administrator Ron Phillips, acting in his capacity as Director of Emergency Services for the city, has issued the attached declaration of public emergency due to extreme fire danger.  The declaration was issued due the current extended drought conditions combined with the excessive amount of combustible material located in and around the city.


Due to the high risk of fire occurring or spreading in or near the city, the declaration bans open fires in the city limits until the termination of the local emergency.  Fires in devices designed for outdoor warming such as patio fireplaces, chimneys, campfires, portable fire pits, stoves or other portable burning devices used for outdoor recreation and/or heating are also prohibited in the city limits under the declaration.  No permits or permission will be granted approving recreational, ceremonial or special event fires and all types of fireworks are similarly, and immediately, prohibited.


Fire PitThese prohibitions are in effect immediately and are mandatory. The prohibition does not include use of devices used for cooking such as barbeques used on property owned by the user or who has legal authority to occupy the property.  The Bishop City Council will review and ratify the orders within the required 7 days and, once ratified, will remain in effect until the council proclaims the termination of the local emergency.

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