Bishop Bronco Softball won 22 to 6 against the Mammoth Huskies

Bronco Softball Thumb2Bishop Broncos won 22 to 6

Baileigh Momberg threw 4 innings giving up 3 runs on 2 hits, 1 walk, 1 hit batter and 6 k’s
Leilani Torres threw 1 inning allowing 3 runs on 3 walks and 1 hit

Kayla Jackson 2 walks, 1 hit by pitch, 4 runs scored
Madi Torres 2 hits, 1 walk, 3 runs scored
Baileigh Momberg 5 walks, 3 runs scored
Jayda Jackson 4 hits including a double, three a scored
Deborah Fallingstar 1 hit
Leilani Torres 2 hits, 1 walk 2 runs scored
Jaylee doll 1 walk, 1 hit by pitch, 1 run scored
Lyndsey Rowan 4 walks, 1 hit by pitch 2 runs scored
Geneva 2 hits, 2 walks, 2 runs scored
Sienna fuller 1 walk 1 run scored
Crystal morales 2 walks 1 run scored

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