5 Million Dollar Arsenic Treatment Plant Now Operational in Bridgeport

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A new arsenic treatment has now been operational in Bridgeport for over a year and is continuously testing below state arsenic level requirements.

The 5-million-dollar treatment plant, located on Twin Lakes Road in Bridgeport, was 100% financially covered by a State of California Water Resources Control board grant and has been operational since last April.

The new plant will treat over 81 million gallons of water each year for tourists and residents of the Bridgeport Public Utility District. Before the installation of the plant, well water in Bridgeport tested at arsenic levels of .020 (mg/L). After installation of the plant, treated water is now testing at .005 (mg/L), far exceeding the state mandated requirement of .010 (mg/L).

Thank you to our staff, past, and current board members for their effort completing this project for the Bridgeport community.

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(From Bridgeport Public Utility District)

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