Watch Tonight’s Bishop Unified School District Board Meeting at 6:30 PM

Watch Eastern Sierra Now’s livestream coverage of the Bishop Unified School District regular board meeting on Facebook and YouTube, beginning at 6:30 PM.

The meeting agenda includes student reports and presentations, recognition of retiring personnel and the 2023 Educators of the Year, and a discussion on the continued use of the current sexual health education curriculum.

The full meeting agenda can be viewed here:

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1 year ago

Who’s the guy at the end of the desk who thinks this is his personal Ted talk? He doesn’t seem qualified to be on the board, let alone qualified to talk outside of a Chucky Cheese.

Reply to  Held@mikepoint
1 year ago

Josh Nichols. Guy who homeschooled his own kids and now wants everyone else’s kids to be just as ignorant. Real head scratcher as to why he wanted on the board. I’ve never used the golf course, so it would be strange if I thought it was important I have a say in how it is run.

During his whole speech about watching three girls “lose their innocence” due to a Sex Ed class, I kept thinking that they were probably just grossed out by the weird old dude constantly staring at them during that class. Can parents opt out of him being allowed in a class with their kids and involving them in his fantasies about “rescuing” children?

On the bright side, students who learn the proper names of body parts give much better testimony if they are ever abused, so those kids are more likely to find justice if some other creepy old dude assaults them.

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