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Unpaved roads in the Death Valley Nevada Triangle are open

death valley

Unpaved roads in the Nevada Triangle are open

nevada triangle death valley
Not all roads are for all vehicles; some roads get a “gentle touch” on repairs. Chloride Cliffs area, seen above, is an area that had dozer work to make the road passable, but still remain high clearance four-wheel drive. Photo credit: National Park Service

DEATH VALLEY, Calif. – The National Park Service (NPS) recently completed repairs after they were severely damaged and reopened the dirt roads in the “Nevada Triangle” of Death Valley National Park. The newly open roads are in the triangular shaped part of the park that runs into the state of Nevada, near Beatty, NV. These roads have been closed since August after they were damaged by flash floods caused by the remnants of Hurricane Hilary.

This brings the total miles of roads opened in the month of March to well over 600. “It is exciting every time we are able to reopen roads in another area of the park,” said park spokes person Alicia Alvarado. “We are grateful to our staff and other crews who have worked so hard to accomplish so much. We are also grateful to our local communities and visitors for their support and patience.”

nevada triangle death valley
A hand crew finishes the final stages of work on roads in the Nevada Triangle getting to places where heavy equipment cannot go. Photo credits: National Park Service

Roads reopened this week include:

  • Phinney Canyon Road is open, four-wheel drive recommended.
  • Mud Springs Road is open, four-wheel drive recommended.
  • Old Railroad Grade Road is open, four-wheel drive recommended.
  • Strozzi Ranch Road is open, four-wheel drive recommended.
  • Chloride Cliffs and other spur roads in the areas are open, four-wheel drive recommended. There roads are not in the Nevada Triangle but are just south of the triangle area.  

Titus Canyon Road remains closed to motorized and bicycle traffic. The destruction on this road in August 2022 requires a substantial contract to make permanent repairs – it is expected to take several more months. 

Death Valley National Park is the homeland of the Timbisha Shoshone and preserves natural resources, cultural resources, exceptional wilderness, scenery, and learning experiences within the nation’s largest conserved desert landscape and some of the most extreme climate and topographic conditions on the planet. Learn more at

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