Tara Brolsma Needs Our Help!

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Tara had an unfortunate accident, falling down the stairs a few weeks ago. As a result, she was later rushed to the ER with multiple blood clots, leading to the amputation of her leg.

Besides being unable to go to work, Tara is going to need a wheelchair, walker, prosthetics and other adaptive equipment. She needs to find different living arrangements. Her little trailer is not wheelchair accessible and her bathroom is tiny. She also needs to live closer to a bus stop, so that when she is able to return to work, she can.

The Doctor and Hospital bills are mounting daily.
Tara has a long road ahead of her.

Any amount of assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Donate at https://www.gofundme.com/f/tara-brolsma-needs-our-help

(Via GoFundMe)

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