Reds Meadow Road Seasonal Closure Update

The Inyo National Forest and Devils Postpile National Monument announce that Reds Meadow Road at Minaret Vista will be closed for the season on Tuesday, October 11. The roadways within the Lakes Basin and the upper portion of Old Mammoth Road will remain open until weather conditions change.

Starting October 1, tree felling began along Reds Meadow Road in preparation for upcoming road construction scheduled to begin in 2023. Expect periodic delays during this work, with waiting times of up to 30 minutes.



Beginning October 11, no overnight parking will be allowed in the Reds Meadow Valley, and all vehicles must be cleared of the area by Monday night, October 10 at 11:59 p.m. Additionally, the road will not be plowed during or after winter storms. Reds Meadow Road has historically closed sometime between October 15 and the end of October due to winter storms.

While the road is closed, all traffic including those on foot will be prohibited. Visitors may still access destinations within Reds Meadow and the Lakes Basin by utilizing existing trail networks, but must also be aware there are no services in the area

Official closure: This closure order expires November 15 to protect visitor safety during tree removal, however the road will remain closed afterward to vehicular travel due to the regular seasonal closure.

(From Inyo National Forest)

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