Now You Can Listen to EASTERN SIERRA NOW, Anytime You Want, From Any Device You Want!

You know what sucks?  Needing to tune in to the local radio station at specific times in order to catch the news.

Old time radio

It never fails, “the kids” are running late and you don’t get in the car on time. You have a lunch appointment, or when you are off work finally….you just need to listen to your favorite songs to unwind. Not to mention, should you still get the news, the same way your parents did, as a kid?

Isn’t there a better way?

You don’t have time in today’s fast paced world to be on someone else’s time table.  Listening to what THEY want you to, when THEY want you to listen. We have XM, Spotify, Pandora, even Youtube…you have options to listen to exactly what you want to, when you want to!

Well, Eastern Sierra Now, agrees and has solved your problem!

Now You Can Listen to Eastern Sierra Now’s new Podcasts!

Not only are we the fastest growing and most trusted news source locally, for quality, timeliness and cutting edge technology.  But now, you can listen to us whenever you like.

  • 2 am? Sure.
  • 10:42 am? Why not.
  • On your jog? Yep.
  • Through the bluetooth connection on your car? Vroom Vroom.
  • Through your Alexa (SSSH, don’t say that) or Google Home?
  • Yep! In the Shower? TMI…but yes, even there!

Anytime you want!

Eastern Sierra Now LogoEastern Sierra Now, and all of our programs, as well as upcoming local interview shows, will be all available as a downloadable podcast. Thats right! From any source that connects to the internet, from any place you like to get your podcasts. Alexa (SSSHH, I said don’t say that out loud), Spotify, Apple Podcast, Pandora, etc.

Just head over to your favorite spot and search for “Eastern Sierra NOW”. Then when we post the local and national news daily, not to mention interesting and relevant interviews and other segments, you will be updated on your phone or device! You won’t miss a thing!

And best of all….listen to it whenever you darn well please! It’s your life. Live it by your terms!


See below to get started:

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US ListenOn AmazonMusic button Indigo RGB 5X

Eastern Sierra Now, your first stop along Hwy 395

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Jesse Steele

TIP JAR Jesse is a media content creator and film maker from the Eastern Sierra.
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