Mono County Residents Urged to Prepare for Upcoming Storm as Hurricane Hilary Approaches Southern California

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A first-ever tropical storm watch has been issued for California as concern grows that Hurricane Hilary will unleash a prolific amount of flooding and rainfall to parts of the state.  Hilary could dump more than a year’s worth of rain in parts of California.  Because of the threat, a rare high risk, Level 4 of 4, of excessive rainfall has been issued for parts of California.  It’s the first time a high risk has been issued for the area.

The Mono County Office of Emergency Management is urging Mono County residents to prepare for the upcoming weather event.  This includes preparing for potential power outages, road closures, and limited resources.


✔️ Food

✔️ Medicine and medical supplies

✔️ Fuel

✔️ Firewood

✔️ Batteries

✔️ Sandbags

✔️ Charge devices

Please bookmark the READY Mono portal to access the most current information related to this winter storm series.


Office of Emergency Management: (760) 924-4633

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