Mammoth Snowman: Welcome to the Summer Season

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Hello from the Snowman at

Welcome to the Summer season in the Eastern Sierra. June is a great month to get up here before the Summer Peak Season starts.

The snow line has now gone way up to 10,000 feet in spots with direct sun. Below that the shaded areas still have snow down to around 9000 feet.

The Mammoth Lakes Basin is open with all the Lakes full except Horseshoe. The Campgrounds are open and you can now hike on your favorite trails, just beware of the snow in the shaded areas.

There is still one week of skiing and snowboarding to go at Mammoth Mountain. The base is getting very slim but there is still enough snow to have fun on the limited terrain that is still open.

The Mountain Bike Park is now running with lift service via the Bike Park Shuttle Bus out of the Village that runs up to the F stop.

Took a bunch of photos in the Mammoth Lakes area last week. There are about 35 edited shots so you can see what it’s like up here.

Here is the link to check the fresh photo album out. 

Have a great week and I hope to see you in the Eastern Sierra soon.


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(From Mammoth Snowman)

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