Mammoth Mountain Bike Report – August 25, 2022

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August 25, 2022 – 10:00AM

Trails Open: 52

Daily Temps: Low 70s

Weather: Sun

Wind: PM Wind


Open Trails

Screen Shot 2022 08 25 at 10.21.50 AM

Our Favorite Trail

Do you have a favorite trail? Has it always been the same or does it change depending on your mood? For us it’s an evolving relationship which speaks volumes to where we’re at with our riding… and lives.

Right now our favorite trail starts with Skid Marks and continues down through Juniper, descending 3,000′ from the summit of Mammoth Mountain all the way to town. For the advanced/expert rider, the top of Skid Marks is an exposed rip cascading off of the south side of the mountain. Fast, chunky and a whole bunch of fun; if you have the skills, Skid Marks is not to be missed. The trail takes on a different character as it twists and turns down toward the base of CH 9. This is where Juniper begins and some of the most classic single track on the mountain awaits. Fast, flowy and feature laden, Juniper is our favorite trail on the mountain… at least for today.

Trail crew has been busy working on Big Ring (which is dialed!), Paper Route, Velocity, Uptown, DC-10 and Brake Through. The Mammoth 50k PedalPalooza is this Saturday, August 27, so note that there will be racers climbing and traversing the mountain from 7:30AM until about 12PM. If you’re racing, we wish you luck!


Join us on Sept 22 for a weekend of community focused trail running.

(From Mammoth Mountain)

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