Mammoth Lakes Town e-News – August 5, 2022

Mammoth Lakes Housing, Inc. Acquires Innsbruck Lodge for Community Housing

On August 4, 2022, Mammoth Lakes Housing, Inc. (MLH) closed escrow on the Innsbruck Lodge with the intent to convert the boutique hotel into 16 apartments. Tenant occupancy will occur before May 2023. This acquisition is the result of a joint grant awarded to the Town of Mammoth Lakes and MLH for $4.56 million through the Project Homekey Program. The Mono County Board of Supervisors also made a financial commitment, which bolstered the grant application. Unlike other Homekey projects that are restricted to very-low income, the Innsbruck Lodge will serve households earning up to 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) who are struggling to find safe, affordable housing in our community. For a single-person household that is a maximum of $45,300.For more information or to apply for housing, visit or contact Patricia Robertson at (760) 934-4740.

The Parcel Construction Update

Progress continues to be made on the construction of Phase 1 of The Parcel, aka “The Sawyer.” The Sawyer incudes 81 apartment units within 2 buildings, at several affordability levels and with a variety of unit sizes between studio and 3 bedrooms ready for rent in summer 2023. Over the last couple of weeks, “Building A” perimeter and stair/elevator core concrete walls were completed, using a method called “shotcrete” where the concrete is sprayed onto a single-sided form, then hand-finished. This first level of “Building A” will contain the main lobby, community space, childcare, and the parking podium containing approximately 57 interior parking garage spaces. On the site, the new sewer main has been completed within the new Inyo Street and the portion of the Tavern Road extension just south of the new park. Current and ongoing work involves connection of a new water main, and storm drain to existing utilities within Center Street. Anyone interested in living at The Sawyer can contact the Town’s developer, The Pacific Companies, at (855) 452-8250 for additional information and to be placed on the waiting list.

Mono County and Town of Mammoth Lakes Launch Ready Mono Emergency Preparedness Portal

READY Mono ( is designed to provide residents and visitors with emergency readiness, response, and recovery resources, and share real-time information and critical updates before, during, and after an emergency or natural disaster. Residents and visitors are encouraged to visit the READY Mono portal to:

  • Sign Up for Emergency Alerts: Mono County utilizes a cloud-based, public alerting and residential safety tool that allows government agencies to send geo-targeted urgent alerts to subscribers.
  • Enable Your Smartphone for IPAWS: The Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS) is the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s integrated wireless emergency alert and warning system.
  • Find Your Zone: Zonehaven is an interactive app-based software system that provides real-time updates on local emergencies to communicate with targeted communities as it relates to evacuation orders.

Tomaier to Accept Position of MLFPD Fire Chief as Frievalt Retires

Fire Chief Frank Frievalt, who has been with the Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District since 2012 and with the City of Sparks Fire Department prior to that, is scheduled to retire from MLFPD on August 8, 2022. After an extensive recruitment conducted in partnership with the Western Fire Chiefs Association, MLFPD Division Chief Ales Tomaier was offered the position of Fire Chief by MLFPD’s Board of Commissioners. Chief Tomaier has accepted the position, and officially commenced his duties on Friday, July 22, with Chief Frank Frievalt actively assisting with the transfer of command. Chief Tomaier, who held the role of MLFPD Acting Fire Chief for much of the COVID-19 pandemic, has served as a Chief Officer for the District since 2015.

Town Council Approves Two Public-Private Agreements with Mammoth Lakes Foundation

On July 6, Town Council approved an agreement with the Mammoth Lakes Foundation for the operation of the Edison Theatre. The Town will re-open and operate the facility for community use starting this summer. A second agreement approved by Town Council supports a planning effort on Mammoth Lakes Foundation property to support an expanded performing arts facility, a childcare center, a community dog park, expanded parking and a limited snow storage area. The environmental review of the proposed uses will begin this summer. For information on using the Edison Theatre please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (760) 965-3690.

Town Meetings

Mammoth Lakes Logo

  • August 9 – Planning and Economic Development Commission at 9:00am
  • August 17 – Town Council at 4:00pm
  • September 6 – Parks and Recreation Commission at 2:30pm
  • September 7 – Town Council at 4:00pm
  • Visit the Town’s website for meeting agenda’s and to watch the meeting’s live.
  • Meetings held in Suite Z (Minaret Village Mall) unless noted.

Stay Informed with Town News Delivered to Your Inbox or Phone!

The Town manages several informative and timely e-newsletters and public service announcements to increase community awareness and comprehension of Town activities, programs, projects, and services. Please click here to opt-in – its fast and easy, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter @TownofMammoth and through our local media partners.

Around Town…

Town Council Accepts 2021 Community Indicators Report

On August 3, Town Council accepted the 2021 Community Indicators Report. The report uses indicators to report performance related to the “triple bottom line” sustainability goals of the community of Mammoth Lakes. These goals and indicator results reflect the interplay between the social, environmental, and economic factors affecting the community’s well-being. The purpose of this report is to educate local residents, inform planning and other public resource allocation decisions, and attract new private capital to the community. The indicators in this report are influenced by sustainability actions taken by the Town of Mammoth Lakes (Mammoth Lakes), other public agencies, non-governmental organizations, private sector businesses, and local residents. Click here to view the 2021 Community Indicators Report.

Town Construction Update

Road Rehabilitation: Qualcon began grinding and pulverizing Red Fir in preparation for a complete reconstruction. Once completed early the week of 8/2, they will move onto Mountain Boulevard, followed by Monterey Pines and Majestic Pines and some finish work on the MUPs later in August.

Bluffs Slurry Seal: The contractor completed the slurry seal which is as asphalt emulsion with fine aggregate on August 2. They will put a new finish on Fir St, Benz Way, and Pine Street that will help prolong the life of these roads by many years. They will return approximately one week later to paint, stripe, and demobilize.

Laurel Mountain Road Rehab & Sidewalk: A contract has been awarded and work is scheduled to begin at the end of August. The contractor has not provided a final schedule, however, it appears that work this season will include construction of underground storm drains and other utilities. Construction of sidewalk and other surface features will likely occur in spring of 2023.

Old Mammoth Road Beautification and Main Street Landscaping: No bids were received. Town staff is reaching out to several landscape contractors to determine interest in negotiating to perform the work this summer/fall.

Community Recreation Center (CRC) Update

This week, Hamel Contracting Inc., and the subcontractor, JT2/Craft erected all 23 of the Sprung pre-built arches and are now working to pull and tension the final membrane panels on the building’s aluminum frame. Staff expects the Sprung structure will be fully erected and enclosed by the end of August. Other work on the site included continued installation of underground utilities across the northern boundary of the site and preparing the HVAC and chiller pads on the northwest side of the structure for concrete. The Contractor will also begin framing the bus shelter in August and work on the parking areas will commence once the site has been cleared of building materials. The Town appreciates the community’s understanding and patience as we work towards enhancing our community recreation amenities. Look for weekly #crcupdates on the Town’s Facebook page and check-out the weekly Time-Lapse video of construction activity. Temporary park closure: For the duration of construction for the new Community Recreation Center, the Mammoth Creek Park playground, restrooms and parking lot will be CLOSED to the public.

Park, Facilities and Trails Update

Please click here to view the status of our parks, facilities, MUP’, sidewalks and Shady Rest DiscGolfPark. Please respect our parks and facilities by taking care of your trash, pick-up after your pet and keep your dog on a leash. Thank you!

Work for the Town of Mammoth Lakes!

The Town of Mammoth Lakes is looking for a variety of temporary seasonal and full-time employees to join our dedicated team. Competitive salary and benefits package plus the opportunity to live, work, and play in the beautiful Eastern Sierra! Apply online.

Police Department Services…

  • Police Reports: File Police Reports Online including Hit and Runs, Lost Property, Vandalism/Graffiti and more.
  • LiveScan Fingerprint Services: MLPD offers fingerprint services (both digital/livescan and ink prints) by appointment only on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Appointments are currently pacing about 2-3 weeks out so please contact us well in advance. Call 760-965-3700 or email [email protected] to make an appointment. More information livescans can be found here.
  • Vacation Check: If you plan to be out of Town for an extended time and would like Officers to check on your residence, please fill-out this online form.

The MLPD Bear Beat!

Did you catch the first 2022 edition of the Bear Beat? Black bears have been living in town and raiding our food long before the Mammoth Lakes Police Department was established. Bear encounters and officers’ response to those calls have remained steady every year for decades. With the prevalence of social media, plus better wildlife response tracking methods, our Agency is now able to easily share details of those calls. Check out this month’s MLPD Bear Beat.

Inyo Craters – Trail Closures

To ensure public safety Inyo National Forest officials are temporarily closing the entry roads, trails, and facilities at the Inyo Craters site, located on the Mammoth Ranger District during the month of August. Mortality of trees in the area has increased significantly over the years due to tree-overcrowding and drought, further increasing susceptibility to beetle-kill and other diseases. “Since 2018, many trees in the Inyo Craters area have died as a result of drought, competition, and bark beetles,” said Mammoth Lakes District Ranger Fred Wong. “As a result, there are a lot of standing hazardous trees near trails, roads and facilities which could fall on people and vehicles. The Forest Service will be cutting down hazardous trees to abate risk of injury or property damage.”  Click here for additional information and to view closure maps.

Fire Restrictions in The Eastern Sierra

Effective Monday, June 6, 2022 the Inyo National Forest and Bureau of Land Management Bishop Field Office implemented fire restrictions on all Federal lands under their jurisdiction. Seasonal fire restrictions for the Eastern Sierra Region are being implemented in close coordination with other state and local county agencies. The following restrictions will be in place on both agency lands:

  • No Campfires, briquette/charcoal barbeques, or stove fires are allowed outside of agency-provided fire rings or barbeques at designated developed recreation sites. Dispersed campfires such as rock rings, will no longer be allowed.
  • No Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or in an area at least three feet in diameter barren of all flammable materials.
  • No welding or operating acetylene or other torch with open flame.
  • No motorized vehicles or tools powered by internal combustion engines off designated roads or trails (such as chainsaws or lawn mowers).

Bicycle Rules of the Road

The Mammoth Lakes Police Department is sharing some of the most important bicycle laws in the California Vehicle Code. For instance, did you know that bicyclists must act like cars, ride with the flow of traffic and that riding on sidewalks in Mammoth Lakes is allowed? Click here to view the 10 rules to help keep you safe the next time you’re on your bike or driving with cyclists on the road.

Please Leash Your Dog!

It is unlawful for any dog owner to allow their dog to run at large within the Town of Mammoth Lakes Municipal Boundary. The Eastern Sierra offers an incredible outdoor playground for dog owners to play and walk with your dog(s) off-leash. The Town is moving forward with plans for a dog park with construction expected to commence in the fall of 2023. Thank you for your commitment in keeping Mammoth Lakes safe and beautiful for all to enjoy! Learn more about Dog Resources, Licensing, Education and Enforcement.

(From Mammoth Lakes)

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