Mammoth Lakes Community Update 10-15-2021

Mammoth Lakes SIgnOctober is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Town Council will recognize the devastating impact that Domestic Violence has on women and children, families, and communities, and recognize the work in our community by Wild Iris and all the service providers working to assist victims of Domestic Violence at the October 20 meeting. Review the Town Council Proclamation.

Funding for Community Workforce Housing and Capital Improvements

On October 20, Town Council will consider additional funding recommendations focused on Council established priorities and approved CIP as part of the FY20-21 Year End report. Significant items include:

– Committing $2.2 million of additional funding for housing (The Parcel and Town Housing Programs)

– Replacement/Upgrade of the Town’s underground fueling system ($600,000)

– Funding for drought resistant landscaping along Main Street ($200,000)

– Funding for Interior improvements for the CRC ($350,000)

– Funding for the CRC Mobility Hub ($900,00)

– Additional funding for the Emergency Communications System ($250,000)

Setting Minimum Speed and Quality Standards for Broadband

Town Council on October 20th will consider joining a six-agency coalition to hire expert assistance to engage in the California Public Utilities Commission rulemaking process focused on setting minimum speed and quality standards for broadband services. Review the Town Council staff report.

Proposition 68 Regional Park Program (RPP) Design Input

The Town in partnership with Mammoth Lakes Recreation will be submitting a $3 million Proposition 68 Regional Park Program grant application for improvements at the Whitmore Recreation Area. The Mammoth Track Club is hosting an in-person meeting and venue site-walk this Saturday, October 16 from 9-10am to provide information to the public about the proposed enhancements and to gather design input.  In addition, Town Council will be commenting and taking public comments on the proposal at the October 20 meeting. The grant application proposes a NEW recreation center (approx. 3,000 sq. ft.) and a NEW multi-use trail (approx. 2,000 linear ft.) with fitness stations.

Town to Change Companies Assisting in Enforcement of Illegal Short-Term Rentals

On October 20th, Town Council will consider a contract with Deckard Technologies as a replacement company to Host Compliance to assist the Town’s enforcement efforts related to illegal and un-permitted short-term rentals. Past efforts have proven successful in stopping illegal rentals and increasing properly licensed and permitted short-term rentals. The new vendor brings upgraded technology at a lower cost.

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