Mammoth Hospital Awarded Grant Made Possible By Grateful Patients

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For the first time ever, the Mammoth Hospital Foundation awarded an internal grant to a Mammoth Hospital clinic, with funding made possible by grateful patients who donated to the Foundation in recognition of the outstanding care they received.

Nine Mammoth Hospital clinics applied for funding, and the Family Medicine Clinic was awarded $5,000 for their proposal to purchase of a mobile blood pressure cuff to move with patients throughout the facility and perform interval monitoring, allowing our providers to make the most informed treatment decisions, as well as take home blood pressure cuffs that will be provided free of charge to patients, allowing them to monitor their stats at home. These units will improve patients’ awareness of their medical condition, increase treatment plan compliance, and allow our providers to make more informed treatment decisions with home monitoring results. Cara Crosby, PA-C noted, “Treating high blood pressure is one of the most impactful interventions we do as primary care providers. Some patients have significant anxiety in the clinic increasing their clinic blood pressure values, while their blood pressures are normal at home. Monitoring blood pressure at home ensures we have the data needed to treat blood pressure in a safe manner. Thank you for this generous and impactful donation!”

The Mammoth Hospital Foundation plans to offer annual grant opportunities to our clinics with the generous support of our grateful patients and community.

Mammoth Hospital Foundation Board Chair Gary Myers said “on behalf of the Mammoth Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, I want to express my appreciation to all patients who participate in our Grateful Patient Program. By acknowledging and recognizing the personal and professional care you received from members of our medical and hospital staff, you help create a positive and supportive environment that encourages all staff to continuously strive for excellence in care and improvement in patient outcomes.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Mammoth Hospital Foundation or the Grateful Patient Program, please visit: or contact Gardiner Miller, at 760-924-4128 or [email protected]

(From Mammoth Hospital)

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