Local Volunteers Clean Dump Sites in Mammoth Lakes


A group of local volunteers has been organizing and carrying out the cleanup of various trash dumps and camp sites in the Sierra wilderness. They recently cleaned a site near Shady Rest in Mammoth Lakes. Volunteer Erica Johnsen posted the following on Sierra Trash Eliminators and shared the accompanying photos.

Today was wild to say the least! The start off of our adventure to clean up multiple dump sites close to the town of Mammoth Lakes behind Shady Rest was rough roading it to say the least. We joined Forest Service (Nate) to get the tasks taken care of. The fire department was also following to get to the second larger dump site but the truck was not able to get through because of such rough road conditions (scary thought). We winded through the dirt roads that are close to impossible to drive through without high clearance and 4 wheel drive. We made it up to the second dump site with a disposed of couch. We felt deflated because we struggled to get to the massive dump site that Amber Jean made us aware of, but eventually found it walking distance a little further up the road. And boy was it a sight to see and not a pleasant one. We we took care of it and got it done thanks to Forest Service Nate, Michelle Nooner, Jim Bojones Marcotte, Shirley Laurie, Dan Strehlow!!! Such a great crew. Thank you all for being badass and picking up what these meth junkie heads left! The town of Mammoth Lakes will most certainly burn down if these areas are not closely monitored. The people that were living up here most definitely worked for the mountain and local restaurants. Housing crisis is no joke and so is drug addictions up here! Just take a look at these pictures to see all that we found and cleaned up! Absolutely appalling, disgusting and scary that this is going on in our beautiful back yard. I certainly hope this will not continue, but fear the reality it most likely will.








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Kayla Barton

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