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Learn to Connect to the Past – Paranormal Investigations at Laws Good Ol’e Days 2022

Laws Good Ole Days is a long-standing community event since 1977. This community
centered event has been striving to connect us to the past through demonstrations and
hands-on activities of traditional skills and trades. How about taking one more step?
Would you like to learn how to talk to the past? How to talk to a ghost? How to
investigate the paranormal? Learn about some of the tools that paranormal
investigators have developed, thanks to modern technology.

Every once in a while, we get visitors returning to the gift shop with a startled look on
their faces asking whether or not Laws has ghosts. We have on occasion, observed
strange occurrences which aren’t easily explained.

Come and join us at the Laws Good Ole Days, a community event that has free
admission. On September 10th – Meet the paranormal investigator, Marie Mason. Marie
recently published a book “Ghosts of Randsburg – The Madames’s Secret” and has
signed copies available for purchase in the gift shop. Marie has offered to provide
paranormal investigation tours at a discounted rate during the Laws Good Ole Day
event at the Laws Railroad Museum & Historical Site.

For the first time ever, a Ghost Investigation will be done at Laws and you could be a witness! Secure your tickets at https://LawsGoodOleDays.org/paranormal-investigation-2022/. The online registration is open. Given the limited time during the event, tickets for the tours are limited and we cannot guarantee day-of ticket

Laws Railroad Museum and Historical Site sits on 11-acres and is surrounded by more
than 50 historical buildings, structures, and outdoor exhibits including the original
railroad depot from 1883. Some structures are original to the site, some have been
brought to Laws from around Owens Valley to be preserved for future generations. Our
Slim Princess No. 9 is followed by original box cars and a caboose. We have been told that ghosts and spirits may not only attach themselves to buildings but also to everyday
use items. The museums indoor and outdoor exhibits are filled with many amazing
artifacts that have been part of so many generations here in the beautiful Owens
Valley. Don’t wait, secure yourself a spot!


Laws Good Ole Days – Free of Admission. A donation of $15 per adult is requested and
will be honored with a commemorative tote, while supplies last.

Paranormal Investigation – How to Connect to the Past 101, a special event. Register at
https://LawsGoodOleDays.org/paranormal-investigation-2022/, $20 per adult, $5 for
Kids under 12. Tickets are limited and at first come first serve basis.

Don’t Miss Laws Good Olé Days 2022

On September 10th, Laws will be a bustling Wild West Pioneer town. Don’t miss out!
Laws Good Ole Days, a family event, is going to be a day of fun activities, live
demonstrations, pie & silent auctions, and live music & poetry performances. Sandy
and The High Country will wrap up the day with a good ole dance/concert. This event is
sponsored by Inyo County and many of our community members are making it
happen. For more detail check out https://LawsGoodOleDays.org.

If you would like to participate, volunteer, be a vendor, or sponsor – absolutely, please
contact Carola at [email protected]. Musicians, poets, and story-tellers
contact Pete at [email protected].

(From Laws Railroad Museum & Historical Site)

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