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Laws Railroad Museum: North Inyo School is Back is Session, Again!


Twenty-five years ago, the 1909 North Inyo School was saved with monetary donations from Sybil Summers and Kathleen Wonacott of Bishop who donated in memory of their late husbands, Vern Summer and Tom Wonocott. The school was located just north of Laws. It was established in 1909 and closed in 1934 because more modern school facilities were built in Bishop. The school board sold the building to Jim Sproule of Benton. The building was moved to Benton and stayed there until 1992 when it was
donated to the museum by the Bolinger family.

Sybil and Kathleen then donated the necessary restoration funds and the Lions Club of Bishop donated more than 1,500 hours of volunteer time along with other volunteers to move the building and get it back into shape. The building was dedicated on June 2, 1996.


Early December 2021 the County of Inyo replaced the leaking roof. Late December brought Jamie and Leanna Albrecht Beaber who graciously donated to the Adopt-a-Building program donating $25,000.00 to support the long-term preservation of this historic school building.

We are delighted to announce our little school house is once again open to the public. More good fortune is on the way for this historic structure. Sunrise Rotary of Bishop will take on the task of scraping and painting the school exterior. Special thanks to our volunteers and staff who undertook the most recent restoration project along with Carroll Creek Builders and Ron Kuppens Roofing.

If you are itching to ride the rails join us on Saturday September 10th for Good Ol’ Days, Old Smokey will be running and if you are at least 4 foot tall you can ride a hand car!

Classroom 2

(From Laws Railroad Museum & Historical Site)

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