Lake Mary Road Closed Due to Truck Rollover

Photo credit: Mammoth Lakes Police

Update: At 10:30 A.M. on October 13th, Lake Mary Road reopened for regular traffic, thanks to our local first responders and cleanup crew!

At 5:00 P.M. on October 12th, Mammoth Lakes Police posted an update on Instagram informing the public that Lake Mary Road in Mammoth Lakes is currently closed in both directions at the tunnel.

The road closure is due to a septic truck that rolled onto its side; the driver of the truck was taken to Mammoth Hospital with unknown injuries.

For drivers, there is a detour at Old Mammoth Road, where the pilot car will be operating the detour until 10:00 P.M. tonight. At that point, the gate will close unless in a case of emergency access. The pilot car will return at 6:00 A.M. tomorrow to continue operating the detour.

Mammoth Lakes Police thanks you for your patience as they work along with multiple agencies to ensure the accident gets cleaned up.

Remember as we head into the winter season, icy roads are common and frequent in Mono County. Everyone should take caution when traveling on icy or snowy roads, especially if you are not experienced in driving in winter conditions. Before traveling, check the CalTrans Highway Information Network to make sure your route is open and safe for travel.

If you are not a local in snow country, make sure you have the following before traveling:

Photo credit: Town of Mammoth Lakes

  • working brakes, windshield wipers, defroster, heater, and exhaust system
  • an updated map of your area of travel
  • water, food, blankets, and extra clothing
  • an ice scraper or other form of de-icer
  • chains
  • tires that are fully inflated and in good condition
  • antifreeze
  • concentrated windshield washer fluid, to prevent an icy windshield
  • a full gas tank

When traveling on icy roads, remember to be observant, drive slow, and keep your windshield and windows clear. Give snowplows a wide berth (they need room to work), keep back from salt brine, sand, or cinder spreading trucks, and generally use extreme caution when passing snow removal equipment. If you happen to stall, stay with your vehicle and conserve fuel and warmth while being wary of breathing in too much exhaust and monoxide.

Drive safe this winter season! And lots of thanks to our local first responders and road maintenance workers.

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