Inyo National Forest Staff Answers Common Questions Regarding Forest Closure

Inyo National Forest SignInyo National Forest staff know that’s this is affecting people’s vacations and plans as well as our local businesses and we truly appreciate your flexibility and patience.




Answers to common questions regarding Forest Closure

Are Inyo National Forest campgrounds closed?

Yes, all campgrounds on the forest are closed.

Can I dispersed camp?

The forest closure  prohibits dispersed camping and closes forest roads.

Can I hike on trails?

Trails are included under the closure.

Can I fish, paddle, or boat on lakes?

Inyo National Forest lakes and streams are closed under the order.

What if I am exiting a backpack?

The Inyo National Forest understands that people have trips planned and vehicles staged. This is not an emergency evacuation, but a closure. People should make an expedient, orderly, and safe completion of their hikes. However, people who are planning hikes and backpacks and are aware that they will enter a closed area should change those plans. Resupply requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Wilderness permits:

Any wilderness permit that originates on the Inyo is being cancelled through September 17th

Can I travel to places like Mammoth Lakes or June Lake Loop, Aspendell, etc.?

County and State roads and routes are open and not jurisdictionally affected by this order. Additionally, these towns are people’s homes and communities, and they need access to them. However, special use events that use these roads and which pass through Inyo National Forest lands would not be permitted during the closure.

Are National Parks closed?

Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon, and Death Valley National Parks remain open. The Devils Postpile National Monument closed under an order that mirrors the forest closure.

Are Bureau of Land Management Lands closed?

Bureau of Land Management lands are currently open, including their campgrounds, with fire restrictions.

Inyo County Campgrounds are currently open with fire restrictions.

Are Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Lands (LADWP) open?

LADWP lands rare currently open. As a reminder, camping and fires are never permitted/allowed on LADWP land.

It is important to have a good map of the area to identify public lands by jurisdiction

The Visitor Interactive Map may also help you identify jurisdictional boundaries.

I have an AIRBNB in Mammoth, June Lake, Bishop, etc.? Can I still come?

The closure does not affect hotels or other rentals on private land. However, visitors should understand that many of the activities that they would normally plan in and around these communities that are on forest land will be affected by the closure.

Are there exemptions for forest permittees who are providing certain services, recreation residents, and other special use permitted activities?

Persons with Forest Service Permit No. FS-7700-48 (Permit for Use of Roads, Trails, or Areas Restricted by Regulation or Order) may be exempted from this order. Permittees should work with their District Ranger for these exemptions.

Can I ride a bike, walk on the Lakes Basin trails?

Visitors and residents may ride their bikes or walk on the Town of Mammoth Lakes paved multi-use path up to the Twin Lakes gate. Hiking trails and dirt bike trails are closed

Hayden Cabin is closed.

Shady Rest Park:

Is open per an exemption granted to the Town of Mammoth Lakes

Does this closure apply to locals?

The closure is for all use on the forest and there are not exceptions for locals.

Can you bike on the roads, Pine Creek, Bishop Creek, Rock Creek, Devil Postpile, etc.?

County roads and State routes are not affected by the closure, Devils Postpile Road after Hwy 203 is a forest road and would be included in the closure.

Is the Humboldt -Toiyabe National Forest open?

Please check this link:

Is Earthquake Fault closed? Yes.

ESTA operations:

With the Closure of Inyo National Forest, the following service modifications are effective starting tomorrow, September 1:

Reds Meadow Shuttle – No entrance to the valley. Twice a day a shuttle will sweep the valley for hikers exiting the trailhead. At The Reds Meadow Resort, 12pm and 5pm. This schedule will be posted at the bus stops. This modified service will run through Labor Day unless deemed necessary to continue.

Lakes Basin Trolley – No entrance to the Lakes Basin. Through Labor Day, a shuttle will be stationed at the Twin Lakes gate from 9am to 5pm to evacuate hikers.

Bishop Creek Shuttle – No entrance. Exit only through Labor Day.

The forest will allow for exceptions with forest entry for people with legitimate needs such as recovering vehicles and work-related matters.

Refunds for online Reds Meadow Shuttle reservations will be processed ASAP by Mammoth Mountain Resorts..


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