Inyo County Board of Supervisors Votes to Support ‘AT HOME’ Plan to Address Homelessness in California

Inyo County Board of Supervisors Votes to Support ‘AT HOME’ Plan  to Address Homelessness in California 

Developed by Counties, the AT HOME Plan Provides Roadmap to Addressing Homelessness While  Implementing Accountability Measures for Every Level of Government 

INDEPENDENCE – At its May 2, 2023 meeting, the Inyo County Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 to support AT HOME, a first-of-its-kind comprehensive approach to effectively and equitably addressing homelessness in  California. The six-pillar plan includes broad goals and specific policy proposals to ensure clear lines of  responsibility and accountability for every level of government while improving the way California collectively  responds homelessness.

“Californians are fed up with the crisis of homelessness and the lack of clear accountability,” said Supervisor  Jeff Griffiths, 2nd Vice President of the CSAC Executive Board and Rural Caucus leader. “We have a duty to  ensure those who are unhoused or at-risk of becoming unhoused in our communities have resources and  support available to them. To do this, we need to overhaul how we’re collectively addressing this humanitarian  crisis at every level of government and prioritize accountability and coordination. AT HOME provides the  framework to do so.”

AT HOME was developed nearly a year of an all-county effort to analyze barriers to addressing homelessness  and developing solutions, tailored to the unique needs of our communities. The six pillars of the AT HOME plan  are:

  • Accountability: Clear responsibilities aligned to authority, resources, and flexibility for all levels of  government
  • Transparency: Integrate and expand data to improve program effectiveness
  • Housing: Increase and maintain housing units across the spectrum
  • Outreach: Develop sustainable outreach systems and increase workforce to support these systems • Mitigation: Strengthen safety net programs
  • Economic Opportunity: Create employment and education pathways, as well as supports for basic  needs

“California’s counties are on the front lines of this crisis,” said Supervisor Trina Orrill, the Board of Supervisors’  appointed CSAC Board of Directors representative. “We’re looking forward to working with our federal, state  and local colleagues to implement AT HOME and make meaningful progress.”

Counties run or administer most health and human services programs on behalf of the state and federal  governments. These programs include CalWORKs, Medi-Cal, mental health and substance use disorder services, In-Home Supportive Services, Child Welfare Services, Adult Protective Services, and CalFresh. This is  the safety net in California and counties are the front lines.

Inyo County joins a growing coalition of local government, public safety, social justice, health, labor, housing,  community and other organizations throughout the state in support of AT HOME. Visit the CSAC website ( for more information on AT HOME.

(From Inyo County Board of Supervisors)

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1 year ago

That entire blurb of information from Inyo County said absolutely nothing. It didn’t give parameters, actual information, just a lot of words that don’t belong together, in order words it’s not transparent enough, just a bunch of meetings and another link to maybe read what it’s really about. Very disappointing that adults can sit down and expect anyone to understand that jibberish.

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