Inyo County Board of Supervisors Appoints Sheriff

The Inyo County Board of Supervisors held a special meeting yesterday afternoon to interview Inyo County Sheriff applicants in order to fill the Sheriff’s Office vacancy left by former Sheriff Jeff Hollowell following his retirement. The meeting was a public format accessible via Zoom.
Four candidates applied for the position; one candidate declined to interview. Acting Sheriff Eric Pritchard was ultimately selected by the Board in a unanimous but extensively debated decision.
As a reminder for residents who may be interested in running for local office, all information regarding the filing period and June Primary Election can be found at the Election Calendar webpage.
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P ite
P ite
10 months ago

Did they ask him what laws or mandates he will or won’t enforce

Jesse Steele
Jesse Steele
Reply to  P ite
10 months ago

No questions were allowed. Not that I saw anyway. It was a listen to what we believe, kind of shindig.