Inyo Council for the Arts – May 2022

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Local arts for the month of May 2022!

ICA Gallery
Support Your Local Artists Today!
OQak WHtiGQ1GB8VXYPbLdIMlqtotWYgJzZ0EqP9h1vnyluFpqiqqUcApR6tuLLyZCketRnhATveX3CVagyqwkO9jc5DM4XyFBMo1uLIMi14zpBUqteuIWJM91JuZ4Oqe2eZN4nx0kELs0 d e1 ftCome check out great art, support your local artists, and find a little treasure for yourself or a loved one.
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Gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm. For more information, please call (760) 873-8014 or email us at [email protected].

Tickets for the 30th annual Millpond Music Festival are on sale now!
jUADl3zivBBgTEDvTthzxpUHTRlaGaSXR8XYqr79jGQldISu3FH EFpKre7AR6SWnpxEz8QXn 6 UMxYQse2UeFYko05DWf6jNNrWV5MkLis3lLcP7J3 fWLL3eJu2K7BEXVZCKtqBuhs0 d e1 ftIf you want to snag some early tickets for this year’s festival and reserve your camping spot, call, fax, or email us to secure your spot. Our office hours are from 10-5 Monday-Friday.
Call: 760-873-8014
Fax: 760-873-5518
Email: [email protected]

Annual Memorial Day Weekend Arts & Crafts Show
b1wDa8iOYKo8lW9yiu8fENTDj9yvLuxxoyzUhh 6FyRtHiyss7O4dqldPvXMae9Tw0L0SjIM8qAnH ljhHthksR45LOpDzXIntGfkqhe8Ng10O7jDN9VG3X6d5bSUIMGd9k7uifZ90Is0 d e1 ftIt’s here! The annual Memorial Day Arts & Crafts Show will be taking place May 27th-30th at the Bishop City Park. You won’t want to miss this amazing event!

Vendor booths will be open Friday-Sunday 9am-6pm, and on Monday from 9am-2pm.

Eastern Sierra Community Chorus Spring Concert
Zpsdbwp2VUL72af y6XZrFSq1sdwdKBmeRv3JGts5PVg6I3Pbj0cMb8 0eJUlDj OQShsEUrWLmG2xl1b8w0vg5ks35R3tGjxWJ9zRw5IyzVAeFyGcLmOWc xdVhVNRMlbluymnSViqs0 d e1 ftAll are invited to attend the Eastern Sierra Community Chorus SPRING CONCERT with MUSD’s award-winning choir, and Michael Hammers, music director! Admission is FREE! Donations gratefully accepted.

When: Saturday, May 14th @ 7:30pm
Where: St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Mammoth Lakes

Rambling Peaks Festival
1Rt1O4pIL1jRgFVduKuMtZUj7 PElbg1zmDHlzUvjM2wejkp92 yXQs4564A3ucoZ3t4bgBWKfn1LDHQ6c5tAd3dlZAEV5ohMRQUtsui5SlkT7jMVBCfhlJTCfAM3HmQLGRd7lQxV 4Ns0 d e1 ftThe Mountain Rambler Brewery is hosting the first ever Rambling Peaks Festival featuring music, arts, and culture from the Eastern Sierra.

The event will feature local art, live music, local vendors, and of course… locally brewed beer!

Festival dates are set for May 13th and 14th. Tickets are on sale now, and you can purchase them here.

Free Movies at The Museum of Western Film History
Yeb0td4gzxZE9LU7qeGc8YHSuyBEteDOaFcHsTqAmz2uLTT J9pYOqV YXi0wbxICBr0pYfArc2c5agaFSQ2iw8PshgbXySGerMcQPjcah6QWP4nR3v 1v0oyJ1mp1dnR V8LO6 K0pDs0 d e1 ftThe Museum of Western Film History in Lone Pine is presenting 3 free movies this month. Stop by the museum for some free films!

May 7th @ 6:30pm – Avengers: Endgame
May 13th @ 6:30pm – The Matrix: Resurrections
May 21st @ 2:00pm – Dora and The Lost City of Gold

Concert in the Rocks

FjNUtq9LcaTTY8ppxU6o7D50NyKiF4cFWU0M0glPiC dckXbDiq LsWqoGXcdK6BiFg7uwDP Oz4F8FAgy5UmJbyeZCCNa T7zpPrOO2iEJEctE4gvwFygddG11TviiaOpt9QG Au E3s0 d e1 ftThe Museum of Western Film History presents: Sinatra Big Band Concert in the Rocks on Saturday, June 4th. Don’t miss this swingin’ event! Click here to purchase tickets.

ICA Newsletter: Calling All Artists
Yakv99uekpTQWz571kr8r PANDtJ2t2aUB aUNmhyahBfIj kBOlqbYjxTzPOJs2AnM tq6D9Oxc AnIY UTMV78NK0GmjC XcYtsxs72aia2pwzddgehf2B2eLMzMF aDCApvdfsk6Gs0 d e1 ftAre you a visual artist, musician, ceramist, poet, writer, filmmaker, actor, dancer, jewelry designer, woodworker, or fashion designer?

ICA is looking to feature local artists in this newsletter and on social media! Click here for more details.

(From the Inyo Council for the Arts)

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