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Happy International Zebra Day from Death Valley Natural History Association!

international zebra day

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international zebra day

Celebrating Adaptation

international zebra day

Happy International Zebra Day from the Death Valley Natural History Association! While you won’t see any zebras in Death Valley National Park or Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, today’s celebration highlights an interesting connection: like zebras, many desert animals have uniquely adapted to their harsh environments.

As we admire the resilient beauty of zebras, we’re inspired to appreciate a similar resilience in the Desert bighorn sheep of the Death Valley region.

international zebra day

The striking adaptive features of these animals – the cooling stripes of zebras and the sun-reflective coats of bighorn sheep – highlight how both species have evolved to thrive in their challenging environments. Their agility and social structures further connect them, showcasing nature’s ingenious solutions to survival in diverse landscapes!

Connect and Conserve

international zebra day

We invite you to participate in our Adopt-a-Bighorn program (stuffed plush, not a real Desert bighorn sheep) to foster understanding and appreciation for these remarkable creatures. By adopting a sheep, you’re not only celebrating their remarkable adaptations but also contributing to their conservation and the protection of their habitat. Your involvement in this program supports ongoing efforts to monitor and study these majestic animals, ensuring their continued presence in our desert ecosystem.

Adopt a Bighorn


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