Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenous DayThe Owens is the Valley that we all call home, here in Bishop. But some called it home, well before we did. They called it Payahuunadü .

Payahuunadü has long been a place known for it’s appeal to the contemporary and traditional outdoor communities. ” Says Local Native American educator and culture historian, Sage Romero. “Their love for this place is something which is inherent within the Nümü/Newe. Pre-colonization our communities and families moved freely across the Valley floors and Mountaintop passes. Recent history has employed practices of erasure language and separation from the lands narrative. The descendants of those people in balance, now work to be included in the conversations and decisions regarding our homeland. Cultural suppression and loss are now being fought against through language, revitalization, song, art, knowledge and efforts. Know that we are still here, and will continue to be here, our voices and bodies have survived the genocide of; Indian Wars, Residential Schools, Relocation Acts, Gold Rush, Colonization and more. We shall continue to be heard, we shall continue to be here, until the prophecy of the stones weeping and turning comes to pass, until the end. Muno.

Sage Romero
Sage Romero Shown doing a Hoop Dance

Romero is known world wide for his cultural contributions to preserving his people’s culture through art and dance and is an honored member of not only native society, but white as well.

The Native cultures of the Eastern Sierra have always been an integral part of our life. From Alice Piper of Big Pine, being the first Native American child allowed to go to school with non native kids, all the way to the economic boosts given by the Wanaaha Casino.

We here at Eastern Sierra NOW, want to give our thanks for the many blessings our Native cultures have given here in the Eastern Sierra.

A local resource that you can use to utilize and learn more about the diverse and beautiful culture that the Paiute Shoshone is, bishoppaiutetribe.com

Another great source is Native News

Happy Indigenous People’s day


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