Golden Trout Guiding Co. Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Report – October 5


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..

Oct 5

It’s the best time of year to fish the Eastern Sierra. Trophy trout are moving into the Owens River and wild browns are abundant and willing to take a fly. If you’re interested in booking a guided trip please reach out! All levels of experience are welcomed and all gear is provided. Create lifelong memories while having a blast learning new skills and enjoying nature.

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Trophy trout caught on the Upper Owens 10/2

Lower Owens; The Lower is flowing at 248 CFS which is perfect for wading and fly fishing. My voluntary Hoot Owl restrictions are no more, as the water temps have been staying under 68 degrees all day, with perfect temps for trout from sunrise to 1pm. The bite has been slowing down during mid day, and picking up again around 5pm. The Trico hatch is tailing off to trout rising for caddis and blue wing olives. I witnessed an awesome caddis hatch around 10am on the wild trout section for about 2 hours. They fed heavily for the first 40 min and stuffed themselves full of caddis, so timing is everything! It’s smart to carry 2 rods this time of year just in case the hatch pops off. I like to work the wild trout section of the Lower Owens this time of year and work upstream staying in the water as I wade. Focusing on tailwaters, deep runs, and big deep bends will produce wild browns, especially while Nymphing. I’ve been Euro Nymphing as well as under an indicator to catch trout subsurface. Getting the flies to the right depth in the water column will take you from a no fish day to an epic day. I like to use an adjustable indicator so I can be constantly changing my depth. Right now my fly of choice is a purple and black czech nymph that I tie myself, it’s very similar to a (Jig Duracell, Size 18) but with peacock instead of cdc soft hackle. The Duracell will produce, so I recommend getting some of those for the box! Olive Perdigon’s with an orange hot spot (Size 18) are also producing. Prince Nymph’s (Size 16-18) and Flashback Pheasant Tail’s (Size 14-18) all great flies right now. As far as dry flies I like using a Deer Hair Caddis (Size 18) to fool trout on top water, I also recommend Olive Foam Caddis (Size 16-18), and in the evening using Blue Wing Olive (Size 18) and although there haven’t been many PMD’S I like fishing dusk around 6:30 pm with a Para Post PMD (Size 18) much easier to see the fly at that time of day.

Anthony Holland Casting Dry Flies on the Lower Owens.

Wild brown trout caught on the Lower Owens while Nymphing under an indicator. Such beautiful and healthy fish.

Upper Owens; (BE MINDFUL OF REDDS) if you see fish paired up in shallow beds leave em’ be!

The Upper Owens is flowing at 48 CFS which is low but manageable. A few fall storms and a few more cold snaps and we should be in great shape. Right now the water is gin clear and with the low flows, an impressive amount of stealth is needed to hook up with solid fish. I am starting to pull trophy rainbows and browns out of the Upper Owens but serious skill is needed. If you tramp up to the bank and start casting and moving a bunch you are going to scare the fish! I am targeting the deeper bends and runs, with my Euro Rod, being mindful of spawning trout. Euro Fishing the Upper allows you to place a nymph exactly where it needs to be without the fuss of an indicator or having to mend. It also allows you to navigate the rivers bottom and target tough to reach areas where trophy’s might be holding. If you can see the fish, they have already seen you. The best bet is to slow your step and really watch the water for moving trout, get low and make your way to your location. Stay Low as you cast and either tight line or Euro Nymph through the drift. A dry dropper is working as well but is limited to the depth of which you’re fishing the nymph or midge under the dry fly. This is the RARE time of year were you can catch a trophy trout on top water, and I have seen a few rise for small caddis in the last couple days! Again having two rods with you is a great way to take advantage of your time on the water. Don’t be surprised to get shut down on the Upper, you wont be the first and your wont be the last! Stay patient and keep your flies wet. Recommended flies for the Upper, The Jig Duracell (Size 16-18), Prince Nymph (Size 14-16), Hares Ears Nymph (Size 14-16), Black Zebra Midge (Size 16-20), and various colors of czech nymphs. These trout are less picky but more spooky! So believe in whatever fly you’re using and work on getting it in the right position.

Jim hooked up on a trophy trout, unfortunately it shook off the hook a few minutes into the fight.

Beautiful thick rainbow trout, caught on the Upper Owens 10/1.

Hot Creek; Hot Creek is a trickle and needs more water. If you plan of fishing hot creek top water is the name of the game, or fishing a single midge or nymph under a tight line or Euro Rod. Overgrown vegetation and extremely low flows make it hard to cast or get a decent drift. Crossing fingers for a few storms and a big winter!

Central Gorge; Central gorge is starting to turn on as temps start to cool. Ive been exploring the canyon and new areas and having really productive days. Mostly 8-12 inches but in high volume and on top water! Getting to a good casting position can be extremely technical, and stinging nettle is abundant right now. Be very careful while adventuring in the canyon, travel safe or with a buddy if possible. The fish down there are beautiful and healthy I’m excited to spend more time down there this fall. Navigating the central gorge is intermediate to expert hiking at times and choose your own adventure but it makes for an epic day fishing where no one is around. Hatches of caddis, mosquitos, BWO’s, and even some PMD’s are getting going around 8am and lasting through most of the day. Having a guide to to help you have success in the central gorge is recommended and I would love to get down there with you. Now is the time.

East Walker; East Walker has dropped even lower to 40CFS. It looks like I wont be fishing the E Walker until next year. The E Walker Closes on Nov. 15th and I doubt they will bring the flows up (100 CFS) when I start fishing it. Please leave this river be, it’s currently struggling to survive at this point. Again we need a big winter to help with providing better flows for the mighty E Walker.

(From Golden Trout Guiding Co.)

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