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Embrace the Snow… Or Savor the Warmth of Owens Valley


Greetings from Bishop, CA!

Bishop Is The Perfect Place to Celebrate the Holidays and Jump Start the New Year!

Embrace The Snow…
Or Savor The Warmth of Owens Valley

Most visitors think of the Eastern Sierra as snow covered peaks during this time of year. But Bishop and its big backyard are a different type of winter wonderland. A magical place where you can enjoy ANY season’s fun. From solving problems on boulders in sixty-degree weather to snowshoeing or skiing in the nearby mountains, you have limitless options for outdoor fun.

How Is This Possible?

Bishop is located at 4,500 feet above sea level. And while the snow accumulates by the hundreds of inches in the mountains, Owens Valley receives a dusting less than a handful of times a season. With nearly 330 days of sunshine and temps on average hovering in the mid-50’s which feels much warmer due to the high desert climate, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors all day long.

Casting and Relaxing

Our waterways are world-renowned for seasonal fly fishing, but most don’t realize we’re a magnificent winter fishing region too. Fly, bait, and lure fishing are legal all year long in the Lower Owens River. There are miles of canals, protected ponds, and large reservoirs. Some also offer handicapped-accessible fishing piers easily reachable by car.

Make Life Better… And Go In Hiking Boots

In the summer, the goal is to get high as possible to find cool weather. But in winter the “lower elevations” is what it’s all about. Bishop’s lower backyard is still VERY big ranging from 4,500 feet up to 7,000 feet above sea level. Going for hikes this time of year is the perfect opportunity to get acclimated to high elevations. That way you’re ready for the big multi-day adventures to come!

Here are a dozen or more wonderful winter hikes to explore this season.

The Latest Boulder Or Catch Of The Day

Even with our perfect big backyard weather, in the winter you still need to have the latest information at your fingertips. For fishing enthusiasts, we suggest bookmarking the following page. Throughout the year, this fishing report is updated weekly giving you the line on what’s working and how’s the fishing been. For rock climbers and bouldering fanatics, visit the weekly conditions report that are submitted by climbing rangers.


Winter Air Service to the Eastern Sierra launched last week with two convenient hubs! Fast – convenient – easy! Click here to learn more.


Plan Your Trip – Create an Itinerary

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(From Bishop Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau)

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