Eastern Sierra Land Trust Presents Citizen Science BioBlitz

Eastern Sierra Land Trust is inviting you to participate in collecting nature observations in a Citizen Science BioBlitz event! We are excited to get onto the land with you as part of our 21st Anniversary Lands & Legacy Celebration.

A BioBlitz is a community science event that brings together people of all ages to observe nature. It’s kind of like a flash mob for identifying and counting species. Community members get together outside and use iNaturalist to document the plants, birds, insects, reptiles, and other life that they find. BioBlitzes can contribute useful data that scientists can learn from.

This BioBlitz has an in-person and do-it-yourself option. There will be an in-person event on Sunday, August 21st from 8am-10am. We will meet at the Bishop Paiute Reservation Conservation Open Space Area (COSA) near the DMV. Please visit our website at eslt.org/events for a google maps link.

If you can’t join us in Bishop that morning, you can still join in the fun with ESLT’s DIY Backyard BioBlitz! Get outside on your own and record your observations. Whether you’re in your backyard or the backcountry, we want to know what you find.

We are giving away Ann Logan hats and art pieces for people who participate in the following challenges:
1. Most overall observations
2. Most identified species
3. Most bird species
4. Most invertebrates
5. Most flowering plants
6. Most fungi
7. Most native plants

To learn more about BioBlitzes and how to use the iNaturalist app or website to join in the fun, please attend our zoom workshop on Wednesday, 8/17, from 6-7pm. You can find the zoom link and more information on our website (eslt.org/events) or RSVP with Claire at [email protected] to learn more.

(From Eastern Sierra Land Trust)

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