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DVNHA: Welcome to Our Birding Adventure!

birding adventure dvnha

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Intro to Birding

We are thrilled to welcome you to our month of birding! This special time is dedicated to exploring the fascinating world of birds in the Death Valley region, from Greater Roadrunners to Great Blue Herons. Whether you’re a seasoned birder or just starting, this month is packed with insights and discoveries for everyone. Let’s embark on this journey together (with binoculars in hand)!

Get Equipped with Some Classic Birding Tips!

Grab Your Binoculars

birding dvnha

A quality pair of binoculars is a game-changer for birdwatching. Look for ones that are easy to carry around and comfortable to use, as you’ll likely be holding them for long periods.

Learn the Calls

birding dvnha

Birds can be sneaky and hard to spot, but their calls give them away. Getting to know the different sounds that local birds make helps you identify them even when they’re out of sight. Birds often change locations, and recognizing their calls can clue you in on who’s currently in your area.

Be Patient

birding dvnha

Birdwatching is all about waiting for the perfect moment. Staying quiet and still makes you less intimidating to birds, allowing you to witness their natural behaviors. Remember, birds are easily startled, so the more patient and quiet you are, the better your chances of a great sighting.

Support Discovery and Conservation

birding dvnha
Yellow Headed Black Bird. Photo Credit Rod Colvin

As we immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of birdwatching and learn to recognize the distinct calls of our feathered friends, we become more attuned to the delicate balance of nature around us. The Death Valley Natural History Association’s Science Fund plays a crucial role in exploring and preserving these natural wonders. By donating to this fund, you contribute to unraveling the park’s untold secrets, from understanding its diverse wildlife to studying its geological complexities.

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