Solar Energy News: Net Energy Metering and the End of NEM 2.0

NEM 3.0 is coming. Beat the rush for solar before time runs out!

The sun sets on NEM 2.0 April 2023

The California Public Utility Commission has reached an unfortunate decision regarding NEM 2.0

The California Solar + Storage Association stated “It is a dark day in California when the utility regulators try to block out the sun.”

There is still time to lock in NEM 2.0 for 20 years.

Maximize your savings. Get the newly increased 30% federal tax credit.

What is Net Energy Metering (NEM) and why does it matter?

● NEM 2.0 is a program that credits a solar client’s electric bill for surplus energy sent back to the grid.

● Solar clients later use those credits during the evening and winter months when solar production can not meet their energy needs.

● Each month the solar client will receive a statement and is able to track their production and consumption over a 12 month period. On the 12th month a “settle up” bill is issued. If your solar was designed correctly you will owe zero or have a credit balance.

● NEM 3.0 virtually eliminates this buy back structure.

● The Deadline for NEM 2.0 is April 2023.


1. Deadline of April 2023 is quickly approaching!

2.Start the solar process now! Give Highpoint Solar the time needed to submit your Net Energy Metering 2.0 application.

3. Don’t delay! Avoid last-minute application bottlenecks.

You can rest assured knowing that Hightpoint Solar is here for you. Allow us to use our decades of collective experience, education, and expertise to help you gain energy independence.

Click Our Contact Button or Call Today! 760·937·5849

See for more info.

(From Amy Smith, Highpoint Solar)

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1 year ago

Everyone is on board for this Solar program, but does anyone know what they are doing with the debris from the batteries, discarded panels and parts. I don’t think so. It’s all wonderful to feel good about helping the environment, but if China does NOT do it, why are we trying to stuff this down the throats of the United States. Does anyone look at different news channels, that might be an option, OR even to do their own RESEARCH about where all the debris from alternate energy sources are discarded? Windmills, now that’s a really bad choice. Energy companies are doing what the Government wants for “may benefits or discounts or whatever the government is providing them? There is not enough research done by the public to go along with all these program.Why do people let others persuade them into thinking this is all GOOD? Is this country going to let them lead us around by the nose?

Jesse Steele
Jesse Steele
Reply to  Cwebb
1 year ago

Darn near every bit of a solar panel is recyclable. Not to mention they last longer than most cars. So I think the better question is…what do they do with the debris from cars? Or used oil?

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