CKN Christian Publishing Announces the Release of the Layers of Mystery Series

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Las Vegas, Nevada — CKN Christian Publishing launches Sniffing Out Murder, book one in a clean, cozy mystery series written by Leanne Baker just in time for the winter season.

When a baker is found murdered, her cousin must rise to the occasion…

Sarah Murray is moving back to her high desert hometown of Bishop, California after the end of her marriage. On the highway south of town, she finds a dog on the side of the road. Unable to leave the poor animal, she pulls over—and finds it guarding an unconscious woman lying in the sand.

Realizing that the woman in peril is her cousin, Melody Charters, Sarah calls for help. Unfortunately, she’s too late, and Melody dies before she can identify her attacker.

To make matters worse, the county sheriff deems Melody’s husband prime suspect number one. Knowing that he isn’t capable of such violence, Sarah sets off on a mission to get to the bottom of her cousin’s untimely demise. Along the way, she meets Melody’s brother-in-law, Jake, and Libby, the troubled young girl Melody hired on a few months prior.

As they—along with Melody’s trusty dog, Fido—follow a deadly trail of crumbs around town, Sarah must trust her instincts like never before…if she’s to ever sniff out the true murderer.

Books two and three in the Layers of Mystery series—Sniffing Out Trouble and Sniffing Out Scandal—will release December 20, 2022 and January 10, 2023. All copies are available to purchase on Amazon at Book stores can purchase though Ingram or by emailing [email protected].


CKN Christian Publishing is a publishing imprint of Wolfpack Publishing. At CKN, we are dedicated to bringing our readers clean novels that ensure there is something for everyone to read.

(From Wolfpack Publishing)

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