Centennial Point Ranch is Protected Forever


It is my distinct pleasure to share some extraordinary news with you today.

Thanks to visionary landowners, state agencies, and your support, Centennial Point Ranch is protected forever by a conservation easement.

The historic 1,741-acre working ranch sits below the mountains of Yosemite, braided by over five miles of rivers and streams that flow through its verdant meadows. These wetlands provide vital habitat for the Bi-State sage grouse while also supporting sustainable agriculture.

With several adjacent ranches already permanently protected through conservation easements, this agreement connects over 15,000 acres of conserved land and aquatic habitat in Bridgeport Valley, ensuring that wildlife will roam and water will flow for generations to come.

Your generosity is protecting the magic of the Eastern Sierra, and helped secure this historic milestone. Thank you!

Head to our website to read more about this incredible conservation success.

(From Eastern Sierra Land Trust)

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