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Captivating Tale of Love, Dreams, and Solidarity Unveiled in Nectar Moth’s New Single “Glimmer”


Captivating Tale of Love, Dreams, and Solidarity Unveiled in Nectar Moth’s New Single “Glimmer”

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Bishop, California, March 14th, 2024

In a melodic narrative that delves beyond the surface of romance, Sara Kaiser (Nectar Moth’s) latest single, “Glimmer,” emerges as a playful and inspiring exploration of love, dreams, and solidarity. Crafted with intricate layers of vocals and instrumentals, including a 120-year-old cello, “Glimmer” offers listeners a sonically and emotionally engaging journey of introspection.

Far from a conventional love ballad, “Glimmer” transcends the typical narratives of romance to embody a broader message of personal alignment and solidarity. Kaiser’s poignant lyrics call listeners to hold to their sense of wonder and their dreams, regardless of challenges and disappointments along the way. The song encourages listeners to support others in their highest dreams and visions, regardless of the nature of the relationship.

The genesis of “Glimmer” is as enchanting as its message. Kaiser composed and recorded the song initially on her loop station, and recorded the vocals in her bedroom. Kaiser’s lyrical journey included two spontaneous encounters with moonrises over the White Mountains. Her experience scrambling up a mesa in the dark alone one evening only to stumble across the most stunning full moon rise she had ever seen became encoded into the song and imbues “Glimmer” with a sense of cosmic wonder and beauty.

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Collaborating with esteemed cellist and composer Shaun Diaz elevated “Glimmer” to new heights of musicality.

“I had noticed that the cascading vocals between verses carried a “Blue Moon” kind of feeling, and I wanted to write a cello part to expand upon that and carry that energy,” Kaiser revealed. “My former flame and I had accidentally stumbled across a Blue Moon rise during his visit. I listened to several versions of Blue Moon to inspire the cello part, and it really brought the song into a new realm.”

Diaz’s soulful accompaniment, recorded on a 120-year-old cello, adds depth, romance, and richness to the song’s light yet ethereal ambiance. The synergy between Kaiser’s vocals and Diaz’s masterful cello performance creates a mesmerizing sonic tapestry that captivates listeners.

Reflecting on the collaborative process, Kaiser shares, “When I first heard Shaun’s recording of the cello part, my jaw dropped. The sound was so deeply gorgeous.”

“Our partnership breathed life into ‘Glimmer,’ infusing it with a special magic that resonates with listeners. We received so many comments about the vocals-cello combo specifically.”

The seamless integration of vocals and cello highlights the duo’s innate chemistry and musical prowess.

In essence, “Glimmer” serves as an invitation to lean in to life even amidst its uncertainties, pursue one’s dreams, and support the highest and most beautiful visions of others. Its multifaceted narrative and enchanting melodies leave an indelible mark on listeners.

Nectar Moth’s “Glimmer” is available on all major streaming platforms. For more information, visit

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About Nectar Moth: Nectar Moth is the musical project of Sara Kaiser, an artist known for her evocative vocals, lyrical intrigue, and ethereal soundscapes.

“There’s so much more on its way,” commented Kaiser. “From light and playful to deep and dark, my songs have taken me on journeys I never could have imagined, and I can’t wait to invite you in.”

For media inquiries, interviews, and booking, please contact:

Sara Kaiser

Nectar Moth

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