Bronco Soccer had a busy week

goal fiery soccer ball breaking 2182106Here are updates from our busy week of games on the road and at home. On Thursday 01/27/2022 the Broncos welcomed the Rosamond Roadrunners to the John Schwab field were the Broncos played an intense game. The final score of  that game was Broncos 2 –  Roadrunners 3.

#11 Santana 1 goal and 1 yellow

#3 Del Giudice 1 assist

#26 Sandoval 1 goal

On  Saturday 01/29/2022, the Broncos welcomed the Boron Bobcats were we played a 7 vs 7 game. We want to thank the Bobcats for making the trip out here  with only a few players.
Final score of the game Broncos 10 – Bobcats 2.

#11 Santana 1 goal

#9 Solorio 1 goal

#10 Martinez 1 goal, 1. Assist

#20 Gonzalez 1 goal

#21 Landaverde 1 goal

#26 Sandoval 1 goal, 1 assist

#7 Esparza 1 goal

#3 Del Giudice 1  goal, 1 assist

#16 Cabrera 1 goal

#12 Pritchard 1 goal

Upcoming games this week.

Tuesday, February 1st @ Desert times 3pm and 5p,
Thursday, February 3rd @ home vs Cal City times 3pm and 5pm.

Thank you,
Assistant Coach Dom

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Jesse Steele

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1 year ago

Where are the girls stats?

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