BLM Bishop Field Office and Inyo National Forest Lift Seasonal Fire Restrictions October 31

BISHOP, Calif. — The Bureau of Land Management Bishop Field Office, in coordination with the Inyo National Forest, will be lifting fire restrictions on all Federal lands under their jurisdiction effective Monday, October 31. The terminated fire prevention orders can be found here and here.

“Due to cooler fall weather conditions and declining fire danger, we are lifting seasonal fire restrictions,” said Bureau of Land Management Field Manager Sherri Lisius. “While weather conditions are no longer causing high fire danger, we still urge everyone to Recreate Responsibly and help minimize fire potential when visiting public lands.”

Seasonal fire restrictions for the Eastern Sierra Region are implemented in close coordination with other state and local county agencies. On public lands within the Bishop Field Office and Inyo National Forest jurisdictions, campfires are now allowed outside of developed recreation sites such as campgrounds and picnic areas. Campfires must be supervised and controlled at all times, have at least ten feet of flammable material cleared around it, and only leave when fully extinguished. To reduce impacts to the landscape, if available, use of existing “rock rings” are preferred rather than creating new ones. Certain activities are prohibited year-round. For example, possessing, discharging, or using fireworks or pyrotechnic devices are prohibited across Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands. Additionally, a valid California Campfire Permit is required whenever you operate a stove or fire on public lands.

Please check each agency’s website for details on current statewide restrictions:

USDA Region 5 National Forest

Bureau of Land Management California

Help us prevent wildfires

  • Residents and visitors are reminded that simple steps can help prevent human-caused fires:
  • Make sure your campfire is dead out! Drown it, stir it, feel it. If it’s not cool to the touch, it isn’t out.
  • Be sure to maintain your vehicle’s proper tire pressure, ensure adequate tire tread, and check brakes for overheating. Do not drive or park on brush or grass. Do not drag chains while towing.
  • Motorcycles, ATV’s and chainsaws require an approved spark arrestor.
  • Remember that the use of steel-core ammunition, although legal while hunting, can greatly increase the chance of a wildfire if ricocheted off objects such as rocks.

(From Inyo National Forest)

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