Bishop Police Provide Medication Disposal Service

Medication Disposal Kiosk

Photo: Bishop Police Department

On Thursday, the Bishop Police Department announced via Facebook that a permanent drop-off kiosk for prescription medications had been installed in their lobby in order to address the need for proper medication disposal.

To provide this service, the Bishop Police Department is partnering with MED-Project USA, a disposal service that operates nationwide and partners with pharmacies, law enforcement agencies, and providers in order to implement medicine disposal kiosks and make them widely available. MED-Project USA’s home page allows you to enter your zip code in order to find the nearest disposal service.

According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), unused or expired medications can be a public safety issue. When not disposed of properly, they can lead to accidental poisoning, misuse, overdose, or even have adverse environmental effects.

Though there are other ways of disposing of your prescription medication, a drug disposal kiosk or a take-back program are by far the safest, as well as convenient, method for disposal.

The Bishop kiosk will provide a disposal option for any expired or leftover medications of any dosage. However, this does not include needles, medical devices, illicit substances, vitamins, or personal care items.

The kiosk will be located inside the lobby of the Bishop Police Department and will be available to users at anytime. For more information, call the Bishop Police Department at (760) 873-5866.

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