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Bishop Fire Department to Host New Firefighter or EMT Orientation

Become a Volunteer Firefighter or EMT in 2023
Bishop Fire Department to host new firefighter or EMT orientation

With 2023 on the near horizon, the Bishop Fire Department is looking for community-minded individuals who are interested in serving others and volunteering as firefighters or EMTs in the new year.

The Bishop Fire Department is holding a new volunteer orientation to kick-off 2023. Anyone who is interested in joining the department is invited to attend the department’s weekly trainings this January, at 6:45 p.m. every Wednesday at the Fire Training Facility, 960 Poleta Road in Bishop.

There are a few prerequisites to serving on the department, such as passing a background check and physical, but no prior firefighting experience is required. Volunteers can anticipate spending roughly 20 hours per month responding to calls, trainings and meetings. Volunteers respond to a variety of emergency and life safety calls, including fires and medical emergencies, as well as anything from carbon monoxide and propane leaks to weather related incidents, traffic accidents and other service calls. The department’s dedicated staff and volunteers mentor and guide new firefighters through the onboarding and training process. All of the initial training for firefighters is done in-house, and the department will work with perspective EMTs to help them through EMT class and national registry.

Being a volunteer firefighter or EMT is a catalyst for both personal and professional growth, and it can be extremely rewarding. In recent years, many newly graduated students have joined the department to gain experience and enhance their career goals. In addition to extensive public safety training, working with a volunteer department can open countless doors for opportunity. Bishop volunteers have participated in several wildfire deployments through Cal Fire, helped with fire prevention education programs in local schools, provided EMS standby for arena events at the Tri-County Fairgrounds, and participated in various local events and activities.

The department has fitness program incentives, as well as a recently implemented volunteer length of service pension program for volunteers who dedicate ten years or more to the department.

Anyone who would like more information about joining the Bishop Fire Department can call (760) 873-5485, or email [email protected].

(From Bishop Fire Department)

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