Big Pine Unified School District Board of Trustees Election Editorial from Marilyn Mann

I was elected to the Board of Trustees for the Big Pine Unified School District in 2004 and have had the privilege of working with incredible administrative leaders, teachers, and classified staff throughout my tenure as a trustee. There have been some difficult times and some tight budgets, but through it all, decisions have been made that have held the best interests of the students at the heart of the process. I am proud of the work that we have accomplished – just look at the campus, the faces of the students, and the quality of our team. We may not be able to offer all the bells and whistles that a larger school may, but we provide a solid, well-rounded education – one that focuses on academics and the social and emotional well-being of our students.

I want to thank the community for entrusting me with the incredibly important role of governance.  I want to thank our school team – you rock!  I want to thank the students and their families for giving me such joy during the last 18 years; it has been an honor to serve you.

As we near Election Day, I am excited to see four community members who have put their name in the hat to serve in this role.  Thank you Adelina Rico, Al Patterson, Angi Eddy and Kami Bayer – making the decision to run for office shows commitment to our school and community.

My selection in November is based upon assessing who can bring the following to the Board of Trustees:

  1. The desire to learn the role of governance, and the ability to set aside personal agendas and open themselves to hearing the voices of students, parents, teachers, administration, support staff and the community.
  2. An understanding of the role of a Board – to set policy- to set the vision and goals; an understanding of the role of administration – to run the school in a manner that is consistent with the vision, goals and policy set by the Board; and an understanding of the role of staff – to use their skills and education to help our children learn and grow.
  3. The willingness to put aside past experiences with the school and learn what school staff are required to do and provide today, with ever changing state and federal requirements.
  4. The willingness to participate fully in the Big Pine school experience – attend games, attend open houses, attend awards ceremonies – in general, support the school and community.
  5. The willingness to weigh the issues and work with fellow Board members to establish policy and make decisions that are in the best interest of all students.

I recently listened to each of the candidates speak about their reasons for running and what they hope to accomplish if elected.  I reflected on the last couple of years and made note of who I saw at school board meetings and school events.  I listened to our community and our school team about what they are looking for in a trustee.  Based on these factors, I am endorsing the two individuals who I have routinely observed attending meetings and functions – who have asked for information to better understand decisions – I am endorsing Kami Bayer and Adelina Rico.  When you go to the poll in November, I hope that you too will join me in supporting Kami and Adelina.

Marilyn Mann
Big Pine, CA

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