Attention LADWP Utility Customers! Great Pay Backs On Solar With Net Energy Metering Are Still Available For You!

Attention LADWP Utility Customers!!! Great Pay Backs On Solar With Net Energy Metering Are Still Available For You!

Unlike Southern California Edison, LADWP continues to offer solar power credits for Net Energy Metered Utility Customers

LADWP serves over one million homes and apartments and offers various programs so its customers can take advantage of solar power. Unlike Southern California Edison, they’ve made it easier than ever for people to almost eliminate their electric bill with solar panels without a battery back up.

Net Energy Metering provides excellent savings on electricity bills, meaning homeowners with solar panels will be able to recoup their investment in just a few years and enjoy clean renewable energy for decades to come.

Lets Take a look at an LADWP Solar Account

Going solar with LADWP at a glance:

  • LADWP’s most advantageous solar program is net energy metering, which can eliminate most of a customer’s electric bills with a properly-designed system, with out a battery back up.

  • With net energy metering credits and the federal solar tax credit, going solar in LADWP territory can be a great financial decision, with an average payback time of just over 5 years.

  • Highpoint Solar works closely with LADWP and LADWP’s local engineers to ensure that your solar power system is designed and installed at the industry’s highest standard and moves smoothly through LADWP’s interconnection process.

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Bottom line: going solar in Inyo county with highpoint solar as an LADWP Customer is a smart investment!

If you live in Inyo County and you’re looking to save money with solar panels, your best option is to install a grid-connected system and get on LADWP net energy metering. You’ll be able to earn thousands of dollars in solar and battery tax credits from the federal government and pay off your system’s cost in under 7 years. After that, you’ll enjoy essentially free solar energy for decades, or you can choose to sell your home and expect it to go faster and for more money than similar homes near you!

Yes, going solar in Inyo county with LADWP is an excellent financial decision, helping the planet and your pocketbook at the same time. Just make sure you get a good deal by choosing Highpoint Solar. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you!

Mention Eastern Sierra NOW and get $250 off your purchase!

– Highpoint Solar
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