Mammoth Lakes Tourism’s “5 in 5” for 11-26-2021

Mammoth Lakes LogoWelcome to Mammoth Lakes Tourism’s “5 in 5”!

A weekly report on five things your tourism department has worked on for the community.

1: Winter air service to our region kicks off next week with the first flights run advanced airlines set to arrive at the Mammoth Yosemite airport on Wednesday, November 24. United flights to the Eastern Sierra Regional Airport in Bishop land a few weeks later on December 19. Terminal construction is underway in Bishop and there will be an event celebrating the first day of flights there on December 19th around two o’clock. More details to come.

2: The final chapter in this series with peloton magazine was published last week and focused on high altitude training in Mammoth Lakes. Overall, the four chapter series received 750,000 impressions across peloton social media channels and website

3: Gomez’ in Mammoth Lakes was recently featured in NI travel news, based on a pitch from MLT’s agency in the UK. The story was titled “Experience the World Through Taste” NI travel news, has a circulation of more than 200,000 and the article has an add value of $1,000 for save the day

4: Save the day for the next virtual community coffee with the holiday season in full swing. The final event of the year will take place on Thursday, December 9 More details to come but plan to tune in for holiday giveaways and festivities

5: Did you know you can save on flights from Mammoth Yosemite or Bishop airports with special discounts available only to locals save 10% on United flights from the Bishop airport and up to 40% on Advanced Air flights from Mammoth Yosemite airport. These offers are available to any full time resident of the Eastern Sierra from Bridgeport to Ridgecrest. To learn more about the flight discounts for locals go to

For more information or to subscribe to the “5 in 5” please email Lara Kaylor at l[email protected]

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