The Mammoth Chamber has a Supply of N-95 Masks and Hand Sanitizer for Those in Need

Face MaskThe Chamber of Commerce still has a supply of surgical masks, N-95 masks, hand sanitizer and surface cleaner.


An N-95 face mask is a product that covers the wearer’s nose and mouth. Face masks are for use as source control by the general public and health care personnel (HCP) in accordance with CDC recommendations, and are not personal protective equipment. Face masks may or may not meet any fluid barrier or filtration efficiency levels; therefore, they are not a substitute for N95 respirators or other Filtering Face piece Respirators (FFRs), which provide respiratory protection to the wearer, or for surgical masks, which provide fluid barrier protection to the wearer.

For more on face masks and other safety precautions see

Reach out to us to schedule a pick-up.

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