Mammoth Skiers Compete at Junior Nationals in Minneapolis

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Mammoth athletes and coaches l-r
(Coach Ben Higgins, Ella Walker, Cabot Godoy, Dane Karch, Davin Wolter, Jack Leonard, and Coach Jeff Byberg)

This past week 5 Mammoth cross country skiers traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the 2022 Junior National Cross Country Skiing Championship. The skiers qualified for the trip by racing and performing at 5 regional races this winter, and along with skiers from the Lake Tahoe area, represented the Far West Division (clubs and schools from California and Nevada). Junior Nationals is the high point of the season for the athletes, who trained all summer, fall, and winter to compete against 9 other divisions from across the country.


It was the first Junior Nationals to be held in two years, with all five Mammoth skiers making their debuts. Cabot Godoy, Dane Karch, Davin Wolter, and Jack Leonard all raced in the Male Under 16 category, and Ella Walker competed in the Under 16 Female division.


Four hundred and thirty racers in three age groups, participated in 4 races across 6 days on world class trails at the Theodore Wirth Park. Competitors faced

Screen Shot 2022 03 20 at 5.13.53 PM
Far West U16 Boys on a pre-race warm up

cold weather and demanding courses all week, with the race temperatures often in the single digits. Mammoth athletes embraced the challenges with extra layers, face tape and glitter and enjoyed the annual chance to race shoulder to shoulder with the best skiers from across the country.


After the ups and downs of the week, Mammoth and Far West placed second in the small division team category and seventh in the overall standings. The Mammoth nordic athletes represented well in the tough competition, scoring points for Far West, and gaining invaluable experience that will provide motivation for the next cycle of training beginning in June.


Mammoth athletes results summary: 


Skate Distance:

U16 Male 5km: U16 Female 5km:

Dane Karch- 16th Ella Walker- 55th

Cabot Godoy- 22nd

Davin Wolter- 73rd

Jack Leonard- 75th


Classic Sprint:

U16 Male 1.3km: U16 Female 5km:

Cabot Godoy- 22nd Ella Walker- 66th

Dane Karch- 48th

Davin Wolter- 56th

Jack Leonard- 76th


Classic Mass Start:

U16 Male 5km: U16 Female 5km:

Dane Karch- 17th Ella Walker- 69th

Cabot Godoy- 44th

Davin Wolter- 73rd

Jack Leonard-74th


Skate Mixed Relay:

U16 4x 3km:

Far West 1 (Dane Karch, Cabot Godoy)- 21st

Screen Shot 2022 03 20 at 5.13.12 PM

The Far West U16 athletes ready for relay day!

Mixed 1 (Jack Leonard)- 34th 

Far West 2 (Davin Wolter, Ella Walker)- 35th


Full results can be found at

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