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Mammoth Lakes Film Festival Documentary Features

10th Annual Mammoth Lakes Film Festival

May 22nd – 26th

mammoth lakes film festival


Check out our Documentary Features!
Some of the Best Documentary Features on the Festival Circuit.

Wed. May 22nd – Sun. May 26th, 2024.

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mammoth lakes film festival

INHERITANCE (USA) Run Time 83 min

Directed by Matt Moyer & Amy Toensing

West Coast Premiere

Thurs. May 23 @8:00pm

Curtis, a bright and hopeful boy, grows up surrounded by love and struggle while all the adults in his family – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins – battle addiction. Curtis’ America is a place where people and communities are struggling with an epidemic of substance use disorder, joblessness and a deteriorating sense of belonging. Shot over the course of 11 years.


Screens with Short: Unnamed

Zainab is a successful girl who supports her family financially. But considers herself a boy in spirit, and has now decided to undergo gender transition. In addition to her family’s opposition and society’s view on this issue, she has more problems.

mammoth lakes film festival

mammoth lakes film festival

WINTER THRESHOLD (Iran) Run Time 54 min

Directed by Soudabeh Beizaei

International Premiere

Fri. May 24 @11:00am

English Subtitles

In Iran, a mother’s unyielding love for her son transforms into a powerful journey of self-discovery as Mahsa navigates unexpected challenges, revealing not only her dedication to Kasra’s education but also the haunting truth about her own marriage.

​Screens with Short: #WAY_Aurelio

We live in a digital world. But we’re fairly analog creatures. Aurelio, a young man from Guatemala, sets out for the promised land. On the roof of La Bestia, a Mexican freight train, he wants to reach the U.S. southern border and cross illegally.

mammoth lakes film festival

mammoth lakes film festival

THE OTHER PROFILE (France, DR Congo) Run Time 82 min

Directed by Armel Hostiou

West Coast Premiere

Fri. May 24 @ 6:30pm

English Subtitles

Filmmaker Armel Hostiou discovers he has a second Facebook account: a fake Armel who has real photos of him and many female friends, all of whom live in Kinshasa. Fake Armel invites them to audition for his next film, which is supposedly set in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Faced with the impossibility of closing this account, the filmmaker decides to go looking for his double.


​Screens with Short: Weree

Having fled the Liberian Civil War, renowned self-taught artist Johnson Weree creates otherworldly portraits while seeking asylum in the Netherlands.

mammoth lakes film festival

mammoth lakes film festival

PUNISHMENT (Norway) Run Time 107 min

Directed by Øystein Mamen

West Coast Premiere

Sat May 25 @ 12:30pm

English Subtitles

Four inmates have chosen to enter a three-week Jesuit silent retreat within a maximum security prison. They are guided by two priests. The film slowly observes this paradoxical situation, while looking beyond the question of religious belief. How do ethical exercises, rituals and communal silence affect us? The film evolves into a prism for gauging the existential landscape of the convicted.


mammoth lakes film festival

MEDIHA (USA) Run Time 86 min

Directed by Hasan Oswald

West Coast Premiere

Sat. May 25 @7:30pm

English Subtitles

Mediha, a teenage Yazidi girl who has recently returned from ISIS captivity, turns her camera on herself to process her trauma while rescuers search for her missing family members. This is the story of the Yazidi Genocide and its aftermath, shown through the lens of one young survivor as she confronts her past through personal video-diaries, reclaiming her voice and stepping bravely towards the future.

Screens with Short: Cycles

A single mom from rural Kentucky donates her eggs to a fertility clinic in San Diego in order to financially support her family, but must grapple with the effects on both her body and mind.

mammoth lakes film festival


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