Mammoth Bike Report – June 9, 2022

June 9, 2022 – 10:30AM

Trails Open: 11

Daily Temps: Low 80s

Weather: Sun

Wind: PM Breeze


3 Easiest

6 Intermediate

1 Advanced

1 Expert

0 Pro


Get Into the Zone, Twilight Zone That Is

Lower Twilight Zone is now open and riding insane. After a volatile winter, the jumps needed a little structural TLC. Good news, they came out perfect. One-foot paver tombstones have been added to the left sides of the takeoffs to help with erosion and the added pop is there if you need it. Lower Pipeline is also open and riding as good as ever. Trail maintenance is happening on Shotgun and Downtown weekly and both are superb at the moment. The opening date for Discovery Chair (CH 11) and Panorama Gondola is Friday, June 17 while Stump Alley Express (CH 2) and Canyon Express (CH 16) are expected Friday, July 1.

Need a little TLC for your whip while in town? The Gear-Up, above the Mountain Center in The Village, is the place to go. They accept walk-ups and feature all of the technical expertise you could ever desire.


(From Mammoth Mountain)

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