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goal fiery soccer ball breaking 2182106Hello, there’s a reason why assistant coach Jahn was handling the the email reports, as I was more focused on other things as head coach, assistant coach Jahn stepped into a new career which made him incapable of keeping up with the reports and scores of our games so I said I would do it and of course I failed, my apologies, I’d like to report our last four games although I’m sure they have already been reported but just in case here they are.
Feb 1st Broncos boys won 10- 2 at the Desert Base.
Feb 3rd Bronco boys won 6- 0 at home vs Cal City.
Feb 8th , Bronco boys won 13 – 1 at Boron High School.
Feb 10th, Bronco boys won 8 – 0 at home vs KV which was also senior night/ last league game. After the final whistle a physical altercation broke out between both teams which came to an end rather quickly, but wow, what a senior night all of us that were present will remember.
Broncos boys ended up placing second in the high desert league with a record of. 12wins, 1 Lost, 1 tie.
Bronco boys are seated number 9 in division 5 of the CIF central section, we have a playoff match scheduled for Wednesday the 16th at Kennedy high school in Delano California, game time at 5 PM.
I will update game score as soon as that game ends, thank you all so much for reporting our local high school sports.
In addition, all goals and assist of our last four games came from our usual attacking squad, Santana, Del Giudice, Gonzalez, Esparza, Sandoval, Solorio, and Ramirez.
-Coach Lopez
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