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Just a Minute with Amy Smith: Inyo 2nd District Supervisor Incumbent Candidate Jeff Griffiths

Just a Minute with Amy Smith


Inyo County 2nd District Supervisor Incumbent Candidate Jeff Griffiths

just a minute jeff griffiths

Get ready for an exhilarating dive into local politics with “Just a Minute with Amy Smith,” a dynamic local political show on Eastern Sierra NOW. Hosted by the charismatic Amy Smith, the show provides a unique platform for political candidates running for office in 2024, giving them just a minute to respond to compelling local questions. The new episode will feature Jeff Griffiths, incumbent candidate for Inyo County 2nd District Supervisor. Tune in to Eastern Sierra NOW to witness the candidates’ quick-witted responses and gain valuable insights into their visions for the community. “Just a Minute” promises to be a must-watch for those eager to stay informed and engaged in local politics.

Catch the video here!

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3 months ago

Great video, many thanks!

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